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Recipe for Goat Milk Soap Without Lye

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I am looking for a goat milk soap recipe that does not use lye. I will be using fresh goat's milk, so I cannot use the melt and pour bases because they tell me that I can not add fresh goat's milk. Thank you in advance for any help.

By Michelle from Kingman, AZ


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By Julia [136]06/03/2011

My apologies everyone.
The first paragraph should have read,

"There are several ways to enhance already made soap, but I've never heard of any that allows for the use of fresh or canned goat's milk WITHOUT starting from scratch and using lye to first really "make" the soap."


By Julia [136]06/03/2011

There are several ways to enhance already made soap, but I've never heard of any that allows for the use of fresh or canned goat's milk with starting from scratch and using lye to first really "make" the soap.

Just as others have advised you, when really MAKING soap, there is no way other than to use a lye product so that the fats and oils will go through the process of saponification. Only after they do can it be called real soap. There are bars on the market that are labeled "soap", but unless it was made properly it isn't real soap.

Melt and Pour methods allow you to add certain things in order to enhance a soap that someone else has already gone through the process of actually making it, but I've never heard of being able to add a liquid such as goat's milk in any liquid form.

If there is a dry goat's milk, you might try that and see what you get, but I'm kinda doubtful that it'll work as a soap that'll give you the qualities you're looking for in good goat's milk soap.

Canned goat's milk can be added right to your bath water, and like some of the other bath products I've made for my daughters, it'll make your skin feel nice and smooth without having to use the goat's milk soap. A few drops of essential or fragrance oil added to the goat's milk would be nice too. We often used lavender, but remember to keep what you don't use of the canned goat's milk in the refrigerator as it'll spoil if left out.

If you have access to fresh goat's milk, try adding it to your bath water. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the way it makes your skin feel. If you're looking for a nice facial, make a paste of canned of fresh goat's milk, baking soda and honey. I can't think of anything more pleasant or better than that. It makes into a nice ex-foliating and skin-softening facial. Apply gently, leave on for about 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. My daughters would add moisturizer then while their faces were still slightly damp and warm, then close the pores with a splash of cold water, and pat gently to dry.

Good Luck with your soap-making. If you decide to really "Make" soap, go for it. It's a very satisfying and rewarding craft to get into. Learning to use lye isn't all that difficult although there are certain rules that you must follow for success and safety's sake.


By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]08/11/2010

I Googled it and there are Lots of ways to make it without lye! ... p;aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
Good luck!

By AJ [6]08/11/2010

lovely_rita is right, there is no way to make goat milk soap without lye. I have been making soap for a while now and have had goats for almost 20 years, and you have to have lye to make soap, period.
Sorry. AJ

By Rita08/07/2010

Unfortunately, you cannot make soap without lye. There is no such thing as soap made without lye. In the finished bar of soap, there is no lye because it mixes with the fats (oils, lard, whatever you use) and saponifies, making soap. But you do have to use it as an ingredient when making soap. If you try adding goat milk to melt and pour, it will probably go rancid. You really have to add it in before the soap becomes. Well, soap. There are some wonderful goat milk soap bases for sale online though. Sorry, I know you were hoping to hear something more promising. Good luck!

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