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Taking the Itch Out of a Wool Sweater

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How do I eliminate the "itchiness" of a wool shirt? My son has a beautiful wool shirt with elbow patches on the sleeves, but it's so itchy he won't wear it. Even with a t-shirt under it, he says the collar itches his neck.

It was sort of expensive and brand new, so I'd like to see him get some use out of it. Can I soak it in something to make it less itchy? I wonder if a dry-cleaner might know how to solve the problem? I hate to use harsh chemicals, as my son's skin is pretty sensitive. Thanks for any ideas.

By Donna


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By Louise B. [5]01/14/2010

Some people just can't wear wool, no matter how lovely. If he can't wear something underneath, than perhaps you will have to re-gift it or donate it to the thrift store. If it is a shirt, perhaps he could wear a turtle neck sweater underneath so that none of the shirt would touch his skin. If that doesn't work, give it away.


I love wool but I am allergic to it (and even cashmere) and gave up trying to wear it decades ago because no amount of layering underneath, Woolite, etc. helped :-(

I know it's new and expensive but maybe you should consider donating to someone else :-(

By WoollyLamb01/08/2010

Hi Donna
Best way is to wash the shirt/sweater gently in a wool-wash detergent and then rinse in a fabric conditioner.
If this fails and the product is still itchy, then I suggest you drop a line to the manufacturer. He has used a wool which isn't suitable to the product - ie too coarse and therfore not 'fit-for-purpose' . The right wool wouldn't itch!
Hope the conditioner works!
Kind Regards

By mcw [80]01/07/2010

Your son just might have a wool allergy.

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