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I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for good free online advertising. I want to place a couple of ads for household items, furniture and a vehicle. I have already tried Craigslist and it isn't working for me. It's hard to place new ads on Craigslist right now. Thanks for your help.

Mary from Redmond, WA



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By pam munro 523 790 07/19/2007

Around in L.A. we have a free paper called the Pennysaver for selling things. My friend has used it a lot with great success. Wonder why you are having trouble with craigslist? Maybe you should have someone look over your "ads" - I have had success there with a short, snappy style, as the people who frequent craigslist are mostly young.

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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 07/19/2007

On craigslist or any online classifieds, photos are also a MUST. I skip right over a listing if it does not have a photo with it.

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By Robin DeRoo 3 4 07/24/2007

I use; Works great!

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By sally m (Guest Post) 07/24/2007

I live in Buffalo, NY. We have a site that is free and
it is
Try and see if they have that in your area.
We also have a site here that is
This site tries to prevent filling up our landfills.
Good luck.

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By Crystal 3 50 07/24/2007

Check out your local freecycle group, not freecycle my town we have a Garage Sale site, it is run through Yahoo just like a freecycle group. But people can post ads for free listing things they want to ell or buy. I have sold tons of things through ours, it is called, Abilene Garage Sales, so you could check something like that with yuor towns name in it! Hope this hepls!

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By Shirley 12 72 07/24/2007

Check out yahoo groups home for buy/sell/trade groups in your area. Sometimes Freecycle sites have a list of area groups (that you can sell on) in their "Links" section.

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By Lily 11 141 07/24/2007

We have a buy/sell/trade group here called Michiana buy sell trade. Im hoping your area has one too. Our area needed a car parts group so my friend who needed an engine and I started it ourselves! It was easy and now were up to 127 members and we started it in April.

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By Monica 3 13 07/24/2007

Go to, its a Yahoo group that'll be in your city, or surrounding cities near you, that you can post items your wanting to get rid of, or are looking for, and sometimes you'll get answers, sometimes you won't. It's a great site, all you do is search for your city and state when you open the homepage, and your there!

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By Mary Davis (Guest Post) 07/27/2007

Thank everyone for all the great suggestions!

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By Eddie (Guest Post) 08/02/2007

I found this great new startup classifieds website, 100% Free and you dont have to register to post your ads, however, Registered users can load audio or video, (great for promoting yourself, your music,your business or showcase homes), The website has a feature that automatically contacts you when your ads expire, as well as auctions,feedback feature, etc. It also offers a special feature where users can receive text responses from the website to their ads via cell phone. You can also use to record voice messages through your mobile phone, and have them appear instantly on your Oddbark postings!!! Give it a try I think its very good..

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By Maria Kilroy (Guest Post) 06/22/2008

I tried all the other classifieds system but this one is by far the best:

Try it!

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By Gina Brown (Guest Post) 07/09/2008

I only use
Seems to work best. All the other sites don't really have a lot of stuff or decent layouts.

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By Brent (Guest Post) 10/07/2008

I run a new Startup called MidwestAds.Net (Launched 10/1/08). It is similar to Craigslist, but contains no Adult content, No Dating Ads, and has a Place where Churches can list their service times and directions, etc

It includes all the basic Employment/Community Events/Real Estate/Autos/Etc

Let me know what you think



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By Dorothy 1 124 05/09/2009

Walmart has free classifieds:

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By AGATHA BROOKS 2 3 05/29/2009

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