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Saving Powdered Beverage Containers for Crafts


I save the containers for Crystal Light and use them to store beads, buttons, wire, and more.

By jmscrochet from Peabody, MA


By Elaine 13 35 03/10/2011

I use them to carry ritz crackers or small round cookies when I am traveling. That is also a good way to send cookies and ritz in lunches,

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Archive: Saving Powdered Beverage Containers for Crafts

We drink a lot of drinks made from a powder mix at our house (such as Crystal Light, Tang, or other generic mixes). I save the individual container cups the mix comes in. When it is craft time, they make perfect little cups for paint, small pieces of material like googly eyes, glitter, etc., or even as a material to make something else. I also sometimes put a small amount of glue in them so my daughter can use a paint brush to paint small amounts of glue where needed instead of trying to squeeze from the bottle. These are pretty handy little cups!

Source: I thought of it once we got old enough to get into craft mode. I use lots of recycled materials for craft time.

By Jayme from Harrisonburg, VA

RE: Saving Powdered Beverage Containers for Crafts

I am also saving the small plastic containers coffee comes in and baby formula cans wrap Christmas paper around them and put your goodies in (11/03/2008)

By imaqt1962

RE: Saving Powdered Beverage Containers for Crafts

Another good craft project for these is to paint them black and use them as snowman hats. I turn canning jars into snowmen for giving layered cookie mixes. A styrofoam ball on top creates the head, and these are great for the hats. (11/10/2008)

By Momof1

RE: Saving Powdered Beverage Containers for Crafts

Yes those single plastic powered drink cups. It took me a while to come up with reuses for them other then has been printed on here.
  1. How about pockets for table top marble games like pool or golf using either carboard or junk wood for the field?

  2. How about stacking game You know have contestants build a structure of their choice in say a miinute.

  3. How about crafting decorations Why not for any holiday. It just takes some thought from you.

  4. Those cups could make a sturdy base for your own crafted creatures.

  5. Or turn your decorated cup the other way and plant a seed .

  6. Perhaps using colored sand in them then inserting a candle, you know, those small ones that come with a tin holder?
Well whatever you do with those cups put a lot of your own thought into them.That is what makes reusing satisfying. I wish you Happy Craftiing (12/05/2008)

By Mr. Thrifty