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Flashlights that Don't Require Batteries

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Keep a flashlight in your house that doesn't require batteries. You can buy flashlights that can be charged by winding them up or shaking them. If you run out of batteries, you won't be left in the dark if there is a power outage.


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By Ginnee05/17/2010

I bought a crank flashlight and a crank radio, for emergencies. After a few uses, they no longer hold a charge. The light will stay on as long as I crank, but goes out as soon as I quit. The radio has a crank and a solar charging panel. Same problem. I don't remember if I tried to use the radio while in the sun. If it would work while in direct sunlight, even though it would not charge the battery, that MIGHT be worth it.

By carol05/17/2010

Check into the solar flashlights. They run about $18 and are definitely worth it. I carry one in my car. It charges just by getting any light source. Very bright and even has a battery back up.

By Karen (Guest Post)06/15/2008

I am visiting my daughter in Boston and much to my surprise when she put her sons to bed she wound up two flashlights and gave one to each of her little boys. I had seen the 'shake' flashlights but never the wind-up ones. What a great idea for little kids to have in bed with them. First chance I get I am looking for one of these for my other grandchildren and for grandpa and grandma too. NO batteries! Great green idea too.

By Annette [10]11/12/2006

Bought 2 from a tv shopping network. It works but not as powerful as one with batteries , maybe not shake it enough will keep and use anyway, was kind of disappointed.

By Paula [14]11/02/2006

I live in a very remote area that gets very severe winter weather, I think this flashlight is a great idea and I plan to look for one the next trip to Walmart. I was also informed today that there is a radio that operates by winding it up and I plan to look for one of those too. I had a flashlight that Dean suggested, it plugged into an electrical outlet, unfortunately it didn't work for very long and I never chose to replace it. Also, if your electricity goes out for a week your flashlight that needs electricity to recharge itself really is useless.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/02/2006

At WalMart in the camping section (at ours on an aisle with other small items hanging) they have a little flashlight that charges up by cranking a little generator when you squeeze it. They are about $5 and for the money it is a great emergency flashlight. They might be a little hard to find but I keep buying them up every time I see them and give them out to family members. They have an internal rechargeable battery but even when that wears out will charge up long enough to see for a little while.

Susan from ThriftyFun

By Dean (Guest Post)11/02/2006

These flashlights that can be shaken to charge them up are completely useless.My suggestions are:
1.But a flashlight that plugs in to an electric outlet.When the lights go out you have a fully charged flashlight.
2.Buy extra batteries.
3.As a last resort use a candle.

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