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Knifty Knitter Instructions


I need the directions for my Knifty Knitter, because I lost them.

By Vanessa


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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Does any one know how to basically use the knifty knitter?

Liz from Sumas, WA


RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Go to walmart. they have a booket with instructions (08/21/2006)

By Annie

RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Here is a page from Provo Craft with videos. The Knifty Knitter video is the 2nd one down on the page. Choose the right bandwidth for your computer (small or large). Great instructions! (08/22/2006)

By Luvyabye

RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Check out:

She has free patterns, too. (10/24/2006)

By irksomekitty

Archive: Knifty Knitter Instructions

I purchased a 13 inch oblong knifty knitter and I didn't receive any instructions on how to wrap the yarn or use it. Does anyone know?

mis2521 from Prairieburg, Iowa


RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions-oblong

I received instructions with mine, you just wrap in figure 8 patterns all the way across. If you don't get let me know. (01/20/2007)

By jusapickin

Knifty Knitter Instructions

I bought the loom set and it came with instructions but i had lost them. I have been trying to find instructions online...but haven't yet. It would be nice if there were instructions (easy to be found) online.
I am making a hat if your wondering. (03/08/2007)

By Jessa

RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Look on for knitfy knitters. They have instructions I hope you enjoy. (05/02/2007)

By sandy jo

Loosy Goosie

I kind of need help to. I know that after you do the figure 8 across the loom, you have to pull the bottom loop over the top loop. I just can't get mine tight. no matter what I try or what instructions I use, It is still very loose. I need some help to tighten up my projects! (10/08/2007)

By Brittany

Archive: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Directions for Knifty Knitter?

Vivian from Roberta, GA


RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

HEY! Just join our Knifty Knitter's GROUP on Yahoo!

We have a very large and vibrant group, with many, many talented members - and it's FREE! We love to help out anyone with a problem, question or need help developing an idea... Also, we have links to SCADS of video tutorials, instructions and FREE patterns!

Kathy S (aka lakotakat) (12/05/2007)

By lakotakat

RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Great new way to cast on that doesn't look loopy. Her site is great.

Zona (01/03/2008)

By zona

RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Here are some:

There is also information that you can get at your local Michael's store:

Hope this helps.

By ThriftyFun

Archive: Knifty Knitter Instructions

I have lost the instructions on how to use the knifty knitter. Please let me know where I can get them.



RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

They now have the instructions for each set available for download at the provocraft website. It's on the same page the patterns are. (05/20/2008)

Archive: Knifty Knitter Instructions

I need instructions on how to use my Knifty Knitter.

Chris from Thornhill, Ontario


RE: Knifty Knitter Instructions

Here is the link for Provo Craft's loom instructions (including the long loom, the round loom, and the rectangle):

Just click on the one you own and it comes up as an Adobe .pdf file, which you can either print or save to your computer. (03/14/2009)

By Unitygroup Ministry

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