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How Do I Set Red Fabric Dye When Washing for the First Time?

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I have a brand new soccer shirt that is mostly red, but has some white in it as well. How do I get the red not to bleed into the white when washing for the first time?

By Scepan from Southwest, MI


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By wendy03/23/2011

Years ago the tip was to rinse the article in vinegar before washing.

By norma carlyon03/23/2011

The Shout Color Catchers are great...

By Jill [4]03/21/2011

I love color catchers, too.

If your soccer jersey is made from manmade fibers, you may not have to worry about the colors running at all. If it is cotton, I would stick with cold water, and use the color catchers.

I read once, that soaking it in salt water before washing will help set colors--don't know if that is true, but it doesn't seem like it can hurt!

By Joan [13]03/21/2011

I have real good luck using a product by the people that make Shout. They are called Shout Color Catchers. I started using them when I had a red shirt that had a white insert in the vee shaped neck. They are in the same section as the laundry products.

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