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7 Year Old Baby Stain

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Does anyone know how to remove a 7 year old dark stain from an offwhite heirloom crochetted WOOL christening dress? I'm guessing that the gown was put away 7 years ago without cleaning the baby spit-up and now the spots are a dark brown (rust color) mess. I'm scared to death to put something on it and make it worse yet it's ruined if I don't.

Thank you.


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By Jan (Guest Post)12/26/2008

I had a vintage baby dress given to me with spit-up stains (were talking at least 40 years old). Nothing worked until I tried Biz. The dress was a light weight cotton batiste. BIZ is a fantastic product and contains enzymes.

By Rebekah [1]10/18/2005


Try Awesome Oxygen Cleaner, it's the dollar store version of oxyclean powder. I used 4-5 scoops in hot water and let soak in the washer to remove formula stains from some hand me down onesies! It worked better than I thought it would. I did run an extra rinse cycle too.

If you still have problems I would call Similac or Enfamil and see if they have any suggestions!

Good Luck and congrats!

By Patty Smith (Guest Post)10/18/2005

I have a Christening dress, the top layer is sheer, the bottom is satin. There are two milk (formula stains) on it.
I am looking for help to try and wash them out so that I can reuse the gown.
Please help!!

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)09/09/2005

It's WOOL! DON'T use hot water! I salvaged several christening outfits that had those dark stains on them... but they were probably a nylon/polyester fabric. They were clean when they were stored but there must have been formula that didn't wash out completely. Starting with a 3 gallon bucket...I put 1 cup of Biz (enzyme cleaner) and 1 cup of Clorox II in about 1 gallon of hot water. Stir or wait until it is all dissolved. Then add enough cold water so that the clothing item will be submerged. Don't add clothing item until the mixture is completely cool. I let my items soak about 4 days! I'd just pull it out of the solution and check the stain. If it was still there it went back into the bucket for another day or two. This has worked well for me. Best of Luck. I KNOW how your heart sank when you saw the stain! (My stains were over 25 years old and they came out!)

By lindalavine (Guest Post)09/08/2005

Since this is an heirloom and really irreplaceable, contact a local art museum and ask to speak to the curator of textiles. He or she should be able to give you some guidance, or recomment a cleaners where they handle heirloom textiles.

By Jodi (Guest Post)09/08/2005

I would try:

1/2 c. peroxide
1/2 c. baking soda
2 gallons of HOT water

Let it soak and rinse in HOT water. Let air dry.

1/2 c. peroxide
1/2 c. baking soda

Make into a paste-like substance and use an old electric toothbrush or commercial brush in the laundry aisle and scrub the spots.

(I used this recipe to clean bright red kool-aid off of my then toddler son and brand new kitchen cupboards/floor. It also worked well when my sister's luggage arrived wet after sitting in a flooded airport for 5 days.) I hope this is helpful!

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