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Banana Stalks for Fleas


This tip is something I saw my father do back in the fifties. We moved into an apartment that had those old fiber mat room carpets. It was alive with fleas. They absolutely covered you when you walked in.

He went to the local fruit/vegetable stand and got a banana stalk from from the owner. It cost him nothing as all bananas were pulled off that stalk. He brought it home, cut it up into links and spread the pieces around the rooms, within two days the fleas were gone and never came back. Has anyone else seen this done? I've often wondered if banana oil would serve the same purpose as they send bananas here in boxes now. I have my eye on some wild bananas across the way, and intend to snatch them when they come to fruit.

Source: family experience

By Linda S. from Haines City, FL


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By Cyinda 214 1,287 04/21/2009 Flag

Wow! Now they need to start selling banana stalks! This is one of the best tips I've ever read!

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By Jacquelyn Valentine 13 193 04/21/2009 Flag

I agree with Cyinda! Fantastic tip! Can't wait to try this out this summer, when the fleas seem to be the worst in my area. Thanks!

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By Ronald P. 1 06/07/2013 Flag

I heard this last Sunday for an elderly lady at church. Must be true. They put the stalk in the hen house.

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