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I'm in need of a basic form to log/register the bills that I pay each month. I would like it to include a running account of each bill, with the name of company, due date, amount paid, conformation number, how it was paid, the balance, etc. I don't have Excel on my computer so I'm very limited. Does anyone have one they use? Thank you!

By Laura from Duncan, OK


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By Suntydt 75 877 09/29/2010

Excel would be your best bet, but since you don't have it use a pencil, ruler, and piece of paper to get started. Write it out the way you think you would like it. Don't worry about neatness, scribble, scratch out, make lines. Whatever you need to do to get the layout you think is best. THEN, take another sheet of paper and using the first one as the rough draft make another measured out and looking good.

Once it is done take it somewhere to make photo copies or if you have a scanner put it in your PC to print when you need it. Take that pencil original and the one you copy and put them in a safe place. It never fails that after you use them a while you wish you added something or made a column smaller. Make these adjustments on your original or the pencil copy. Make a new master to photo copy and start again.

It sounds like you know basically what you want, but brain storm on it and write down everything you think of. Eventually you will have a perfect bill tracking sheet.

I would also include contact numbers/emails and a notes area. Jot down website URLs and passwords (or reminders for passwords) as well as login names.

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By Sheila Saey 8 141 09/30/2010

Have you tried Open Office? It is a completely free program that has versions of Word & Excel, to name a few. You can find it at: http://www.openoffice.org/.

God Bless,
Sheila in Springfield, IL

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By odessa wright 1 6 10/07/2010

I have a folder that I keep for bills. Each slot in the folder is for a different bill (gas, electric, water, etc). All I do is make sure I put the original bill in the correct slot, a printed copy of the receipt once its paid. If I don't have time to print it, I write a reminder on the bill that I still need to do so. Everything is in one place and easy to thumb through to track our spending month to month :).

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