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Making Your Own Wire Edged Ribbon

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How do you make your own wire edged ribbon on a sewing machine?

By Cheryle from Greenville, CA


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]12/01/2009

Wire ribbon is just 1.00 at the Dollar Tree and I don't think it's worth possibly hurting your machine to do it by hand.
That's just me. Your time is worth much more than that. Smiley Face Here!

By Quixotic Ducky [2]11/24/2009

The easy way would be to tape the wire to the edge of the ribbon and go down the edge of the ribbon on the widest stitch width. One side of the stitch should be on the ribbon and the other off the ribbon with the wire in between.

The slightly more difficult option is the pin the wire inside of the ribbon. That is, curl around the edge of the ribbon with the wire in between. Sew this.

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