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Ants in Refrigerator


How can I get rid of small black ants in my fridge?

By Joey from South Africa


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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 12/17/2009 Flag

Use Windex. It kills them right away. I have heard peppermint oil helps as well. Clean fridge, counters, and wipe with peppermint oil. I hear ants hate the peppermint oil and stay away from it. The upside to using peppermint oil is that it makes your kitchen smell minty clean. Good luck.

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By Lonnie 21 8 12/17/2009 Flag

The only sure things to control the ants is to remove that which is attracting them! Remove all food, clean interior fastidiously, and make sure all containers placed into the fridge and freezer are totally ant proof. Be persistent, it works!

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By PENNY K 14 564 12/17/2009 Flag are they getting in? Seal might not be sealing correctly. First wash all nooks and crannies and grooves of seal with soapy water to prevent any uneven sticking that might disrupt sea. Take everything out of fridge and wipe down whole thing with soapy water and a bit of bleach. Ants don't like bleach. Wipe outside of containers as well.

Okay. So check the seal again. Is it tight? I would go to almost any lengths to avoid getting a new seal, since I had to replace one once and it is a task where perfection is hard to achieve. Check for any cracks in the plastic of the outer fridge, if it's plastic, or rusted holes or missing tiny pieces. Try to seal any weak spots with duct tape or metal putty or super glue, anything you can think of.

Check the back of the fridge and see if there seems to be a trail from that side. In all fridges either in freezer or behind veggie/fruit compartments there is a little hole where cold air from freezer helps keep fridge department cool. I see that as a possible route.
Now, you can't close it, because then your fridge wouldn't operate right. What to do? Maybe swab hole out regularly with bleach on cotton swab going in as far as you can reach. Or put something sticky right around hole they would get stuck on..

That's the strategies I can think of for the fridge, but before they get to the fridge, they have to get into the house, right? What's their path? If you can find their entry point into the area, there is making a bleach boundary every few days, or attract them with something sweet and sticky [sticky enough they can't get off it} directly in their "walkway"..

I lived in Kenya once, and I remember those pesky ants. We had to go over the house with a fine broom every morning to rid the house of anything that might attract them. They're everywhere. Have them in Oregon too.

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By elva 1 79 12/20/2009 Flag

I never hear of this before, try turning your thermostat down to cooler temperature, also wash the inside and out side of your frig. with bleach. you might want to clean the floor arounf the frig with bleach also.

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By vicki hood 4 564 12/20/2009 Flag

Slightly warm karo syrup and about 10% 20 mule team borax. drizzle in area or use containers. They eat and dye is about a week. Whole nest goes.

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