Birthday Prize Ideas for Adults

Birthday Prize Ideas for Adults

Choosing fun, adult prizes for birthday party games can be baffling. This is a guide about birthday prize ideas for adults.



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Question: Birthday Prize Ideas For Adults

I'm looking for prize ideas for adult games (men/women age 45-75). It's a 50th birthday party. Only a week away.

Sue from Arizona

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By Lisa Mutton [5] 01/20/2005

Depending on your budget, you can do wonders at a dollar store. This would certainly allow for more prizes to be given. Here are some thoughts:

* Oversize coffee mugs - fill with flavored tea bags/hot cocoa
* Bath and Body stuff - make a gift basket and fill with products for around $5.00. They also carry body sponges and back scrubbers....
* Picture frames - sound like grandparent age attendees, and what grandparent doesn't like to display pictures? Photo albums are good too.
* For fun, you could give them games/toys that they played with as children - jacks, jump ropes, slinky, pick up stix, tiddly winks - maybe a sand bucket and some beachy toys
* How about a bottle of wine and a couple of dollar store wine glasses - I've even seen the wine glass tags that identify which glass is yours at the dollar store.
* A journal or staionery with a nice pen for the ladies
* How about CD's with music from their era - Some of the compilation CD's, greatest hits, etc., can be bought for a few bucks at WalMart.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck with your party - sounds like fun!

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By (Guest Post) 01/20/2005

All of the above ideas are great, but this is something we did several years ago. We had a Halloween party and I got a huge jack-o-lantern pinata. (You could use another design.) I filled it with sample sizes of toiletries (shampoo, hand lotion, shave cream, small bars of soap, etc.), Tums, aspirin...you get the message. Depending on how your guests feel about this you could also put in a few condoms. Just think about it and I'm sure you could come up with a lot of good ideas. Just be sure you have plenty of room for this game.

Have a happy party!

;-) Margaret

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