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Painting Over Smoke Stains


I had a problem with our gas fireplace and didn't realize it until a few weeks went by. Apparently the flue was never opened all the way, so now I have some dark stains on my ceiling.

Silly me, I went out and bought ceiling paint and started painting. Then I read that you need primer or sealer on first! RRR! I'm not a DIY-type of person, so this has been frustrating.

Anyway, the stains are not black anywhere, but it looks 'shaded' in some areas.

Will it be OK for me to just continue putting coats of regular paint on? If not, do I have to strip the paint, put on primer, and then paint again?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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By Rev. Alex (Guest Post) 06/24/2005 Flag

No problem, just takes time. You can apply primer over the paint you've done. It dries quicly. Then add a coat of paint over that.

Good luck!

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By Audrey (Guest Post) 06/25/2005 Flag

Try KIltz & then paint, this should take care of the bleeding.

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By Les (Guest Post) 06/26/2005 Flag

You've already gotten the right advice for taking care of your ceiling-it's simple, really. But, before you do anything else, GO BUY A CO DETECTOR! If that gas fireplace malfunctioned long enough to soot up your ceiling, you're very lucky that you haven't given your local funeral director some early business. Spend $20.00 and stay alive.

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By Lu 2 1 07/01/2005 Flag

Well i have learned alot in the last week about painting !!! u may want to wash the walls with a product called TSP it wont take the primer off the walls and when u have done that then u can paint it whatever color u want Follow directions for using the TSP

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By surfer-sara (Guest Post) 07/10/2006 Flag

Its o.k. that you already have painted over the spots ad an additional coat of KILZ its a primer that covers water spots and smoke stains it can be bought at your local wal-mart just like paint, you can buy a quart or a gallon. It also works for other stains and can be used as a "paint" and can be customized to all sorts of colors if you dont want white. Good Luck!

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By Steve Bennett (Guest Post) 05/12/2008 Flag

It doesn't matter how many coat of water-based emulsion you use, the stain will come back through when it's dry. A cheap way of sealing the stain is to use a oil-based undercoat or a oil-based gloss. Let it dry then apply the emulsion and the stain shouldn't come back through.

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By Stu 1 03/19/2010 Flag

I am painting kitchen cabinets from a house with a chain smoker. I lightly sanded and cleaned with TSP, sprayed two coats of Kills primer. The smoke stains are still coming through; I cannot use oil base paints or stains. Any Ideas?

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By weldelr 1 10/18/2010 Flag

Thanks for the advice about the Kiltz (spelling). I picked up some and will paint over the soot stain before painting over the stained area. Let you know if it works okay.

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