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How to Repair Small Holes in T-Shirts


I am sure I recently read a tip on how to repair or mend very small holes in T-shirts, but now I can not find it. Could someone please help? I'm desperate!

Carol in South Africa



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By physco219 (Guest Post) 09/27/2007

Well one way I have always done it is use a little super glue on the hole, you may be able to hold the small whole together if not the glue will keep the hole from becoming larger.

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By pam munro 523 790 09/27/2007

I myself do a very fine sewing together, almost darning on the opposite side. Also pull on the threads that may be loose to close the hole before sewing. Depends where the darn is whether or not it's really noticeable.

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By Janice C. 18 710 09/29/2007

If the other ideas don't work and the mending is noticeable, I'd use embroidery thread to either make some textured decorations in the same color as the shirt or use contrasting colors to decorate the shirt. Knit fabric generally does not mend invisibly.

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By Kat 7 216 10/10/2007

Go to a fabric or crafts store and purchase a small amount of iron-on interfacing, in a light weight. Tear off a very small piece, just a bit larger than the hole; iron the hole area smooth, on the wrong side, and iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric over the hole, following manufacturer's directions (if there are no directions when you purchase, ask the salesperson for some). This is an almost invisible repair, and will last a long time. If it becomes a bit loose with wear simply re-iron it, or iron a slightly larger piece over the first repair, if you find the area is exposed to excessive wear. I have had t-shirts last another 10-plus years with this type of repair.

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By Peter van der H. 1 08/28/2013

Here is quick solution. You need some transparent duck-tape and a tiny tiny bit of the original fabric (you can get it from the inside of your T-shirt where the fabric is sewn together). Cut out some duck-tape (about a centimetre larger than the hole) and place it behind the hole on the inside of the T-shirt. Now place the tiny bit of original fabric in the hole on the outside of the T-shirt.

You will be surprised how little you need to repair the hole invisibly.

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