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Hair Stuck In a Necklace

I got my hair wrapped around a gold necklace. It's really tight and I can't seem to get it loose at all! My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and the necklace is one of those thinner type that looks twisted.

Kimmmer from Gettysgurg, PA

Recent Answers

By kim02/17/2009

I have used nair hair removal with great success did not effect the gold also shined it nicely saturated neck;lace waited for 5 minutes and used wet rag to rub hair out then washed and rinsed well and let dry. Be sure to remove all nair from necklace

By (Guest Post)01/08/2008

The only way that i have managed to get hair out of a necklace is to get a lighter and burn it out, but don't go too close, it worked for me.

By pam munro [447]11/21/2006

Is is still on? The only way may be to carefully cut it off - it can only be a few strands - so hopefully if you are carefull, it won't show!

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