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Poop On Cat's Bottom


Why does my cat have poop around her butt?

okko57 from West Hartford, CT



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By CC 2 18 09/19/2008

This could be due to loose stools when she goes number two. If you are feeding your cat wet cat food, try adding more dry cat food. Try to avoid milk.
Your cat may have a lot of fine hair around that area and so the cat is prone to getting poop stuck to it. The cat would probably really appreciate it if you were to help the cat out by possibly combing it out if it isn't stuck to close to the cats skin.
Sometimes this occurs with my dog and if it isn't a lot and is simply stuck to some of her hair, I will comb her, carefully by holding the base of her hair closest to her skin and start the combing at the end of the hair and back.
I have cut out poop that was stuck in her hair. It was a small enough amount that the cut hair wasn't even noticeable.

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By Lou Ann 4 3 09/19/2008

My cats have had the same problem lately. My husband has been giving them milk even though I have told him not to. I take a wet wash cloth and wipe their bottoms. Sometimes it takes several time. Sometimes you just have to cut it out. Either way they do not like it!!

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By Savings Assistant (Guest Post) 09/19/2008

I have also had this problem with my small dog. We use the disposable wet wipes on him. If not than we sometimes have to do the tiny cuts too. He has a long tail so you never see the "trim" lol

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By Maddy 95 09/20/2008

Hello I have a long haired cat and Susie had that problem so whatI use to do was just keep it trimmed there the best I could and the problem wasn't a problem anymore.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 09/20/2008

The haircut is what works and solves the problem, just keep it up and no more poop on butt!

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