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45th Birthday Ideas


It is my dad's birthday. I want to know what I can do to make him happy. He is turning 45.

By Amanda from New York


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By rose 2 14 12/01/2009 Flag

If he is in his 40s, he remembers remote control cars and model airplanes. I want to get my dad a model airplane kit that will actually fly when it is completed as he used to build and fly them when he was younger.

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By Suntydt 75 877 12/01/2009 Flag

First of all know that whatever you get him he will love. It's from you. I'm 44 and things I have received from my kids this year; from my 9yr old a t-shirt that sats "Best Dad Hands Down" with her hand prints painted around it, from my 12 year old son a card he drew with a poem he wrote, from my 14 yr old girl a picture of her holding a sing she made saying, "I Love You Papa". My kids call me papa, long story.
If you are older, I would imagine you could be early to mid 20s, get him something for his favorite pass time.

Or, you could get him one of those small picture frames that says "Guardian Angel", put your picture on it and mount it in his car on the dash when he isn't looking. Then again he may not have much of a dash the way the make cars now so that might not work.

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By Janet 11 719 12/03/2009 Flag

Hang a Happy Birthday sign for him to see. Decorate. Make a cake yourself.

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By Lee Taylor 15 427 12/03/2009 Flag

Write him a list of 45 things you love about him. He'll love it! It can be memories of nice things he's done for you, trips he took you on....anything! Have fun with it. There is nothing more important than telling the people we love that we love them and appreciate them!

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Archive: 45th Birthday Ideas

I am looking for ideas for a party for a person 45 years old.

Marcie from Cinti. OH


RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

I have known people to buy "45" of one item for a birthday party. It gets creative juices flowing, and can be a lot of fun. (The person I knew was at my office - she got 45 paper clips, 45 marshmallows, 45 cinammon rolls, 45 "depends", etc etc.) It was fun to see what everyone brought, and it didn't have to be expensive. (09/16/2006)

By Brenda

RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

Don't forget the old 45's (records) that even the forty five year olds will fondly remember. 60's and 70's music will bring back memories of simpler, carefree times (09/18/2006)

By Connie from MD

Archive: 45th Birthday Ideas

My fiance is turning 45 soon and I want to do something funny for his birthday. Maybe a good birthday joke. I am thinking about buying a cake and decorating it like a grave with black and gray icing and little small square graves on top, and with a Rest In Peace sign in the middle. But I just found out he does not like cake. Do you have any funny ideas?



RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

Make a poster with the "grim reaper" on it holding a sickle with the words, "Relax, I'm only here for the cake". Have fun! (06/08/2007)

By monica

RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

Your fiance might not think that 'getting older' themes are very funny. How about doing the opposite: Having a "29 Again!" party? You could go back to the year that he was 29 and, without making a big deal about it, recreate some of the popular music, clothes, etc, of that year. (06/08/2007)

By Nancy from Florida

RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

I had a party for my husband at a kids-type place when he turned 30 and we all had a blast! Maybe you could find something similar to that in your area. I wanted the party to focus on being young at heart, rather than growing older. (06/08/2007)

By Allison

RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

He might just not like gag parties. Possibly a cake and good coffee and friends are more his style. (06/08/2007)

By cookwie

RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

Make a BIG cookie instead. (06/10/2007)

By Di

RE: 45th Birthday Ideas

I think a cake with graves is a morbid idea. 45 isn't that old, anyway. How about a romantic getaway? Since you're looking for something funny, how about arranging a night out with friends at a place that has karaoke, and sing him a song! (01/12/2009)

By marie

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