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I am trying to find artificial pine/evergreen scent for my house since I use an artificial tree. There used to be a lot of different types out there to purchase, but now I can't find any. Pine scented candles are now called "pine snow. orange eucalyptus," or some other weird named and smelling concoctions. If any of you have a recipe for making a scent such as this or know who sells it, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Sandra from Juneau AK



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By jean (Guest Post) 12/06/2006

There are room sprays and scented candles you can get which are pine scented. Burn the candles when you're enjoying the tree, I put pine scented pot pourri around the area where I have my tree. Decorative when put in Xmas containers.

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By Susan K. 6 14 12/06/2006

Yankee Candles has some nice plain pine scented candles and other products. I think you can order online.

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By Suee 13 12/06/2006

I bought a "Natural Magic" odor absorbing gel at Lowes. It is called Holiday Fresh Pine Scent. Not real strong but does smell like pine. About $4 (US)

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By Deborah (Guest Post) 12/07/2006

My best suggestion would be to visit your local health food stores and look at their essential oil
selection. There are a wide variety of pine scents
which are the real thing, rather than some toxic
chemical versions. If you don't have a store close
by then go on line under essential oils & you will
find plenty of suppliers, just stay clear of the
"fragrance oils" they are not the same thing. Good luck & Happy Holidays.

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By deone bayliss (Guest Post) 12/13/2006

put a handle on your candle has strong scented wonderful christmas tree candles. to order:
putahandleonyourcandle @ netzero .net

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By Darrel (Guest Post) 09/14/2007

We have 100% All Natural Pine Scent. Its selling right now on e-bay or when our website is up and running - which I hope is soon will be Scentopine.com

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By amanda 1 12/01/2007

I would just get a couple of real pine wreaths that you can easily put on doors or a few boughs to put above your doorways. You could even put several sprigs in a vase or a decorative bowl with some pinecones. Then you get the natural smell, extra decoration, and much less mess.

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By Tina Brown 5 100 12/01/2007


This site has pine fragrance oil, good for potpourri, candles, tarts and oil burners. I looked up pine fragrance and it is 2.00 per ounce, but you are not limited to buying just an ounce. They are good suppliers to candle makers. They offer information and starter kits for the candle maker, if interested.
Hope this helps.

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By Sandra Stout 3 20 12/02/2007

Gosh folks I am overwhelmed by all of you that took the time to respond to my request about pine scent! Thanks to each and every one of you who responded and thanks for some wonderful leads/suggestions. Your kindness is truly appreciated!

Merry Christmas, Sandra from Juneau, AK

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