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Fabric Covered Photo Album


I just love this site. So many great people out there that are willing to help us dummies that don't know or forget how to do things. Anyway, I was wondering if their is anyone that can tell me how to cover a photo album. The kind that is padded with quilting and fabric and can be trimmed with lace. You then can put a picture of someone on the front. It's like something you would do for a special wedding album but this one is for everyday use. Hopefully someone will know what I'm talking about. For one thing, what kind of glue do you use? God Bless each and everyone of you.

Angelheart from Clyde, TX



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By Tina Brown 5 100 03/09/2007

I know what you are talking about. A friend gave me one years ago. If I am not mistaken, she glued the batting directly to the album cover, cut the fabric an inch larger on every side of the album when it is opened. She then started at the binding of the album and glued the fabric working her way to the back and front edges of the album. Once to the edges, she folded the fabric and glued it down, then took either another piece of fabric or a piece of paper and glued that to cover the insides of the front and back, so the edges of the first fabric did not show and then added decorative ribbon to cover where those two edges came together. Sometimes she would put ruffles around the cover, hiding the edges with the inside fabric. Also, she added a thin ribbon between the fabric edges for tying the album closed.

I hope you can understand my directions, if not, maybe someone else can help describe it better than I can.
Hope I helped a little bit,

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By Jenifer (Guest Post) 03/12/2007

I get the crib size rolled batting and hot glue it directly to the album. I also cut out poster board to cover the inside to hide the material "cut line". I cover the poster board with the same material as the oustide of the album. Cover the album with the fabric -- wrap it like a present. Then add the lace or beading to the inside edge and follow with the covered poster board.


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By denise warner (Guest Post) 03/15/2007

the first lady had it right just make sure you put your lace/binding in before you glue your insides back into it this gives a nice finished look

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By Mary 12 195 03/21/2007

Here's a couple of examples that might be helpful

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