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Dirty Looking Elbows

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I would like a remedy for getting my elbows free from looking dirty. They are very dark and often times very dry looking. It's very embarrassing. Does anyone know how to get my skin color back?

Thank you,
Penny from Ipava, IL



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By MELYNDIA (Guest Post)10/09/2008

Take lemon juice, corn meal, olive oil, mix together and rub on your elbows. The lemon juice whitens, corn meal scrubs and the olive oil softens.

By CallieAnne (Guest Post)08/16/2008

Yes, lemons do work, so does the baking soda! Do try!

By Maria (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Get in a habit of applying lotion on your elbows after you shower or bath you will see a huge difference in a couple of months have patience.

By Penny Stoehr [29]01/09/2007

Thank you all for your help.
It's nice to know somebody knows more than I do. LOL

I'm trying remedys from you all


By Star01/08/2007

My aunt is a quadrapalegic, and the nurse uses one of those pumice stones to scrape away the brown spots, use very gently, and then puts moisturising lotion on it every day. On the days when it's not too bad, she has even used a soft emery board. Hope this helps you out.

By Debra in Colorado (Guest Post)01/06/2007

First go see your doctor, My mom had a condition that was just like that and the doctor gave her some creme and it helped alot. If your doctor says that it is not a medical condition try this: Fill a small bowl with hydrogen Perxoide and soak your elbows. This will bleach the skin. Rinse with cool water. In another small bowl mash one small avocado with some mayonaise. Apply to elbows and rub in. Then wrap your elbows with some gauze and let it stay on for about 30 minutes then rinse. Hope this helps.

By Michawn (Guest Post)01/06/2007

I've heard a half of a lemon or grapefruit (high acid) would do great. Cut in half sorta squeeze it to get the juices going and twist on your elbow. The acids in fruits are very good for our skin, just make sure there are no cuts. Once done, throw the peel in the garbage disposal (assuming you have one) and a shot of hot water while grinding them up helps clean and sanitize at the same time.

Hope that helps.

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