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Cutting a Toddlers Hair


If a toddler of 21 months has a severe hair cut, ie all his curls, will his new growth of hair be straight or curly? Is it a good thing for toddlers to have their hair cut regularly in order for the hair to become thicker with each new growth? Thank you.

Merle from Auckland, New Zealand



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By christine moses 3 13 08/21/2008

My grandmother always told me its bad luck to cut a child's hair, except for bangs before they are 3. The old wives tale was their hair would be thin, if cut too soon.

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By Katie 4 216 08/22/2008

Hair is dead, so it doesn't know if it's being cut or not. In other words, cutting a baby's hair won't change how it is going to grow. If it's going to be curly, thin, thick, straight, etc, it will grow that way no matter whether you cut it or not.

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By Louise B. 6 2,540 08/22/2008

I agree with Katie A. Cutting hair has no effect on its curliness or thickness. But a good haircut can certainly improve the look of any kind of hair!!! If you know nothing about cutting hair, take the kid to a stylist or a barber who has experience with little kids. My Mother in law used to cut my sons' hair, but she knew what she was doing.

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Hair texture, curl/no curl and thickness are genetic and change with age and are affected throughout life due to health, chemicals (pills, shots, sad stuff like chemo and radiation, probably food preservatives) and hormonal changes. Haircuts simply have nothing to do with these changes. It's a wives tale that cutting hair is the culprit of the changes just like the one often told that shaving legs will make the hair grow thicker on the legs.

A baby might be born with blond, curly hair but by the time they are five their hair could be dark and straight. The next change often comes at puberty and then again at menopause.

I was a hairstylist for thirty years and saw these changes many times with my regular clients over the years. For myself, I looked almost bald until I was three, after that I had thin, straight hair until my teens and the amount of hair thickened and once I approached menopause my hair became curly.

Take a photo of your baby before the haircut and keep those precious little cut locks for keepsakes in an envelope with the photo :-) Enjoy the experience because it's an awesome life passage :-)

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 08/22/2008

Unless he has naturally curly hair (that usually means one of his parents also has curly hair) Those baby fine curls will probably be gone when you cut them off. It does not matter how often you cut his hair. It will thicken as he grows up.

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Archive: Need Toddler Hair Cutting Tips

I cut my toddler's hair and he has good hair with just enough body. I want some toddler boy hair cutting tips.

FW Cook


RE: Need Toddler Hair Cutting Tips

I am going to school right now for cutting hair. So I thought that I would just reply to your question . If you are using a clippers then lay a comb on the side of his head that is were a bone lies and where the comb leaves the head that is where you want to stop going up with the clippers. I'm not sure if this is going to help not but thought that i would just put that out there.


By Sara

RE: Need Toddler Hair Cutting Tips

When my now 13 yr old son was a toddler I always used the clippers (or buzzers as we call them) on his hair. It's just about fool-proof and he looked so handsome with a tight cut. (05/29/2005)

By kimmcg

RE: Need Toddler Hair Cutting Tips

Go around the head... cut the bangs the length you would like them to be. Cut the neckhair../ back of the head... the length and shape that you would like. Then... Of course, he will be ready to run... let him take a break and then... give him a toy and this time... with the comb in your right hand comb up some hair. Using your left middle finger and index finger grab the hair with those fingers. Pull up with those fingers until you have the desired length you need and then cut above your left fingers. Doing this all around the head will give you hair that is all the same length.

I usually go a little shorter by the sideburn area and at the base of the neck. Setting them on the bathroom counter looking into the mirror might help keep them still longer. Might take you all day the first time, until you are done cutting his hair. I told my DH that if I could cut my boys hair then... I could cut his. Since then, yes, I cut his too. You do not need to take a course in haircutting, just trim a little here and there, just to keep it under control and hey, if you make a mistake, it will grow back and you can try again. At the age of your toddler, he won't care what his hair looks like (wait until they are teenagers!!).

My 17 and 18 year old boys have had short hair and long hair but always I comb evenly with the right hand and grab between the left fingers and then cut at the length they want it to be. Mom's haircuts are able to be!! and can be just a trim or a major they are free and you don't have to wait for an appointment.

If he is a toddler, hair that is a little longer is cute on them... as long as it is not too long... then he might be called a girl.

I never liked the look of a "buzz" cut on kids. I like the look of hair on a child in a nice cut. Shorter around the ears and not long at the neck, and all the same length over the head. The natural body he has (like my boys have...not curly though) gives a fullness and doesn't look flat or stringy like some hair can be. Hey, once you cut it, maybe it even has a slight wave? (05/29/2005)

By valleyrimgirl

Archive: Cutting a Toddlers Hair

Any tips on how to cut my one year olds fine hair? It's getting a bit long for a boy. What scissors should I get? Do they make blunt tipped hair scissors? How do I get him to sit still? Where should I cut? I don't want to mess up his first hair cut. Should I just take him somewhere since I'm completely clueless? What sort of salon should I look for? How in the world do I get him to sit still for them?

Annaid from Idaho


RE: Cutting a Toddlers Hair

I was a cosmetologist for a decade, so I speak from experience: take the little guy to a salon where there are stylists who are very familiar with cutting little people's hair. You will not have to keep him still if you do this, as they will be used to keeping up with squirmy little people. Whenever you see someone with a child with a really nice haircut ask where they got it, that is the easiest way to get a referral. (07/14/2007)

By purrplekat

RE: Cutting a Toddlers Hair

I usually give mine a lollipop and let her watch tv. She loves getting her haircut now...haha. Good luck! Also, if you do it yourself, start longer than what you want, so you have plenty of room to straighten out mistakes...But I have to also agree with the Kids Kuts recommendation. I have take mine there as well and they really enjoy it.

Amy (07/21/2007)

By thriftyamy

RE: Cutting a Toddlers Hair

Buzz cuts. Also to keep my son interested, I'd give him my jewelry box. I made sure he didn't put anything in his mouth of course, but he loved all the shiny stuff and it kept him busy. Still, if you can't cut it yourself, take him to a place for kids. (01/13/2008)

By heather, MO

RE: Cutting a Toddlers Hair

Any suggestions on cutting a little girls hair? From what I have read, it's all been about little boys. My daughter is 2 years old and is in desperate need of a hair cut. I was cutting her bangs for a while, but I'm actually in need of something more professional. I've heard that pixie cuts on little girls are adorable, but I'm hesitant. Any suggestions? (05/15/2008)

By Christy

RE: Cutting a Toddlers Hair

Take them to the hairdressers. So many toddlers have odd looking haircuts from their parents! (06/08/2008)

By nina

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