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Graduation Party Ideas


My son is graduating. We are serving BBQ and I'm looking for decorating ideas.

By Pam from Atlanta, GA


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By Eleigha 1 05/19/2010 Flag

This will be my 4 th grad party this year, and actually found this web site looking for different ideas, but we have done our grad parties at the park and several as a open house in our back yard, as we will again this year. My daughter has requested sumo wrestling, and since we have done the bbq, sanwiches, taco bar, ect... in the past. I am thinking a baked potato bar with ceasar salad and cake will do this year, but as far as finding deals for our bbq we got burgers at cash and carry, a box of 40 CHEAP! My husband was afraid they would shrink alot so I bought the small regular buns and they actually didn't shrink much and were very good.
My daughter wanted charcoal (not our regular grill) and since this was a open house we set the food up in our "cabana" you know the ones that us lucky Washingtonians get to set up for 3 mos out of the year! He grilled the burgers and we put them in a chaffing pan so he wouldn't be cooking on and off all day, I was happy to find out that they stayed warm and good not tough, as for decorations, I recently went to a dollar tree and was surprised how much fun grad things they have, lawn signs, balloons, plates etc... all with either grad or 2010 them, I usually get enough plates and small napkins for the cake table, and get the cheaper napkins and plates for the meal
I also try to use the school colors in the decorations with balloons and table clothes, I know that the safeway here in snohomish county is selling their 1/2 sheet grad cakes for the price of a 1/4 sheet, so $17 and we always have 50 to 100 and this has been plenty as far as fruit and veggies, I have gone to costco, sams and the grocerie outlet. Good luck and congrats!!

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By Amy3e 1 89 05/25/2010 Flag

We always do a backyard BBQ theme and have done the same one with all 4 of ours and it is always fun. We keep it easy and grill outside and set up a stand and incorporate either their high school or future college name and everyone goes there to get their meats and then have a buffet table for the sides. For our daughter who was going to DePaul Univ., we did a Depaul Dugout and decorated it with the school colors and made a sign on the computer.

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By Diane 6 40 05/25/2010 Flag

A great idea to have at a graduation party is to present the book (by Dr. Seuss) titled "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"...(this is actually the #1 recommended book gift to give). The idea is to have all the guests attending sign the pages as a keepsake for the graduate (no matter the age). The #2 book of choice is "The Meaning of Life", colorful green frog on the cover. Having frog bookmarks to pass out to the guests as a thank you.

Another idea is to create a slide-show on the computer highlighting favorite photo shots of grad with family, friends, or doing their activities. Can play it at the party and also email it to all guests to enjoy, it's timeless. Be sure to include captions and capture all moods.

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