Hanging a Hair Dryer

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Hanging your blow hair dryer can be a helpful storage option when organizing your bathroom. This is a guide about hanging a hair dryer.



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Question: Hanging a Blow Dryer

What is the best way to hang a blow dryer or store it?

By margotr from Claremont, CA

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By Helmut 8 120 08/22/2009

The best way to hang a blow dryer is unplugged, and with it's nozzle in a wire holster. If the cord is allowed to hang free to relax and untangle, it will last 10 years longer. Just plug in when you get ready to do your hair.

The holster should be placed so that you can grab the dryer as easily and comfortably as a Wild West gunslinger grabbed his six gun.

If you can't find a wire holster in a store, take a chromed 10" x 10" cake cooling wire rack, and wrap it loosely around the nozzle of the dryer. When it fits snugly, but not impeding a "Quick Draw", attach it to a 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" wood plaque. like the ones you get at souvenir stores, with funny or motivational words or pictures on them.

Attach the holster to it with the clear plastic "U" clamps made for routing lamp cord on a wall. That gives the dryer grip extra clearance from the wall.

You can also use a drill holster like drywallers wear, and attach that to the plaque. You can hang the plaque like a picture.

Have FUN! DearWebby

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Holster or hook ideas are good and I have used both but there were times where I also wrapped the cord around the base (not the handle) to keep the cord from twisting or other misc damage and stored them in a drawer or cabinet.

Retired After Thirty Years Hairstylist

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Question: Making a Wall Mounted Blow Dryer Holder

Does anyone know how to make a holder to mount on the wall?

By Christina K.

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By HJ [13] 03/25/2013

The simple solution for me was to stick a 3M Command plastic hook on the wall to hang my hair dryer by its loop. I did not have space for a holder.

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