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Reheating a Frozen Pre-cooked Pumpkin Pie

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I would like to know if a cooked pumpkin pie can be frozen? If so how long would you reheat when ready to use? I over cooked for Thanksgiving and hate to throw it away if I can use at a later date.

By Gayle from Spring, TX


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Definitely can freeze and no need to re-heat just allow to thaw and become room temp :-)

By Dena Roberts [31]11/30/2009

Forgot to say; to thaw, I just leave it on the counter on a rack, in the pan.

By Dena Roberts [31]11/30/2009

Our grocery store, Safeway, sells frozen, pre-cooked pumpkin pies. They only take about an hour to thaw. I prefer to eat them frozen. Tastes like pumpkin ice cream pie.

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