Transferring Cross Stitch Patterns to Aida Cloth


I like to do larger cross stitch patterns, but find myself getting frustrated by losing count on these. Has anyone tried to transfer counted cross stitch patterns to aida cloth? If so does it help?

Amy from Evansdale



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By Christine Biernat 8 91 10/30/2007

I know how you feel! Sometimes the symbols all just start to blur together! My solution is to use a yellow highlighter on my actual pattern and I highlight each square/row as I stitch. The highlighter allows me to see the backstitches that need to be done later and if I screw up and have to take out stitches (ugh) then I can still see the chart. If you are using a chart that you can't write on, just photo copy it. Hope this will help!

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By MELISSA (Guest Post) 10/31/2007

i only use aida cloth and i use the high liter too. Aida makes it easier to count because it already has little squares.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 11/01/2007

Was wondering if it was possible to size pattern to aida size and run it threw copy machine? might work?

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By diana (Guest Post) 11/01/2007

hi amy,

it would be difficult to directly transfer a cross-stitch pattern onto the aida; it would be nervewracking trying to get the design to fall right on the squares. something helpful though in keeping your place on the paper pattern is to divide the graph up into 10 x 10 squares (or whatever size you feel comfortable working with. you could use a narrow-tipped highlighter to mark on the pattern). complete each small square and move on to the next. it helps break down the pattern into manageable parts. hope this helps

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By Lady Shirley (Guest Post) 01/21/2009

I cheat & do it the easy way, and for me it works great. I take an ink pen & using it for only 1 color, I mark little X's in each square on the cloth where that particular color will go. When I have stitched all the marked boxes, I do the same again & move on to the next color. As I said, it works great for me and I wouldn't do it any other way.

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