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How Do I Find Out if a Business Name Is Already Being Used?

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How do I find out if the name Magic Touch Housecleaning is already taken?

By Debbie from Riverside, CA


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By Mike04/15/2011

The best way to find out if a business name is taken it to Incorporate your business; during this process they will check the name and make you aware if it is already taken.
The reality is if you are starting a cleaning business you need to do this anyway to protect your personal assets. If something were to happen while you are cleaning you are financially responsible. If you incorporate this will protect you personally. Your business can be sued but you can not be personally sued. I would recommend an LLC at the very least.
This website has some great information about incorporating:

By luv [5]02/23/2011

If you are making Housecleaning one word, it's not likely that someone is using that as a business name. I think it should be two words.

By sarah02/21/2011

Go to your Dept. of state, Bureau of corps. Also try ragister your business on line. This should lead you to your state's website. Hope this helps.

By Suntydt [75]02/20/2011

The easiest way is to try doing a search for it in several search engines. Google, Yahoo, Ask, yellowpages, dogpile, superpages and Bing is where I would start.

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