Keeping Turkey from Drying Out When Reheating


I am making a large New Year's dinner and am making as much as I can ahead of time. I cooked the turkey today and put the breast meat unsliced in the freezer. What I would like to know is the best way to reheat it on New Year's day without it being dried out.

Leona from St Paul, Alberta



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By Myrna 15 1,062 12/21/2007

I add a little water to my leftover turkey and seal it well before warming up. Or you might try heating it up in canned chicken broth or adding a bouillon cube to the water, but I didn't need either and the turkey flavor was still tasty.

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By Sandi P (Guest Post) 12/21/2007


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By Sandi Putnam 12/21/2007

Top it with some gravy!

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By carol 4 81 12/23/2007

I have sliced my turkey and put some of the pan juices in with it. I didn't freeze it though.
But I'll bet if you don't have any pan drippings left, you could put some chicken stock in the pan with it and warm it in the oven it would be nice and moist!

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By Dianne 1 4 12/26/2007

as always when reheating meat, I get a BIG POT, fill over 1/2 way with water and place a wire rack to hold the meat across the top of the rack. Then I place either a large lid that will cover the meat or foil over the meat and around the sides. This allows the steam to go up thru the meat and keeps the meat moist while heating. This is especially good for steaks, pork chops and RIBS, hot dogs, roast, etc....

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By Mac from Texas (Guest Post) 12/26/2007

If heating in an open pan, put a pan of boiling water below it. This will help.

Another way: Use a (closed) cooking bag and put a quartered apple and/or citrus fruit in with the turkey.

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By Sherry. (Guest Post) 12/26/2007

Place unsliced in a pan with panjuices or gravy. Cover with foil tightly, when heated, slice and cover until served.

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By sheri (Guest Post) 12/26/2007

My dad always reheats his turkey in chicken broth in the oven, seal the pan. It comes out great. And he got this from chefs that worked in nationally renown restaurants, where he also worked. So it is sound advice.

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By siris (Guest Post) 12/26/2007

I've heard that the chef's trick is to wrap it in lettuce leaves to reheat.

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