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Honoring Deceased Classmates at 30th Reunion

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How do we honor our deceased classmates at our 30 year reunion?

By Velma from Franklinton, LA


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By Jeannie Cerar [5]05/12/2010

At a reunion we read the names of deceased classmates and had one of their HS friends talk about them, then had a box for donations which was collected from whom ever wanted to contribute and a
gift was given to the Historical Society from the town our HS is located in- in the deceased members names.

By Pam Griffis [4]05/11/2010

At our reunion we had a delegation that got up and lit a candle for the classmates that had died. They each said something special about a deceased classmate. We then had a moment of silence followed by a meaningful song from the year we graduated.

By Beth [5]05/11/2010

My class started a cap and gown fund to help kids that can't afford them. We also started a monthy "Beverage Committee Meeting" and we meet in our little hometown. All are welcome but if you are not a member of our graduating class you have to donate a buck toward the fund. We've had such a wonderful turnout and it's all im memory of our 5 classmates who are no longer with us.

By Mary Lou [14]05/11/2010

I agree with Ann Parker, but I would add yearbook pictures with the names, if you want, add when the passed away as well.

By Lilac [18]05/11/2010

If there is going to be a section where pictures and trophies etc. are going to be displayed, have a small memorial with their names on it placed there.

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