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Removing Glue from a Tie


I hope you can help! I was ironing one of my ties which I had lent out, after washing it. I decided to iron with a piece of card to flatten it, but did not see glue until it was to late. Hence I need to know how do you get glue off a tie?

By Tony from Liverpool, UK


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By Leigh 18 63 10/08/2010 Flag

When I want to remove glue from a hard surface, I use lighter fluid. If you want to try this, please test the lighter fluid somewhere on the back of your tie. If the colors don't smear as you are rubbing with a piece of cloth, then I think it would be safe to work on the glue. Also, ice might harden the glue the same way it hardens chewing gum. If so, you just have to pick the glue off with your fingernails, but be careful not to pick into the fabric. Whatever you decide to do, work with the "grain" so to speak.

You could also try to lift the glue using a lot of small pieces from an old cotton tee shirt that you place over the offending stain, ironing it, using as many pieces of tee shirt you need until it is gone. You will probably have to clean your iron after, but that is easy.
(I would do this 1st, because it doesn't require the use of chemicals.)

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By Danialle 3 248 10/09/2010 Flag

Try Goo-Gone. However you will have to wash the tie after using it.

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