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Can I Paint a Concrete Floor in a Bathroom?

Regarding the "painting concrete floors" questions; I have a bathroom in my basement, with a toilet, sink, and shower stall. Can I paint the concrete floor in the bathroom? Or will the moisture from the shower ruin the floor?

By catastrofy from Winnipeg, Canada

Recent Answers

By Helmut [8]07/23/2010

Yes, sure you can!
Just use an outdoor porch & floor paint, an acrylic or epoxy marine paint, pool paint or a garage floor paint.

If the floor is rough or has holes, use Poly-Filla, not soft, easy-sanding wall patch to smooth it, and if necessary, sand it with a belt sander. You can even mix it with porch & floor paint and get a granite hard surface. Slow to sand, but very smooth and permanent.

The secret for permanent paint on concrete is to make 100% sure that the surface is dry, dust-free and warm. It may eventually wear off, but it won't lift or peel.
Have fun!

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