Growing Vines From Potatoes


Can you grow a vine from a white or yukon potato?

Hardiness Zone: 7b

Nancy from Raleigh, NC



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By Jan (Guest Post) 03/07/2007

I would get a sweet potatoe and grow a vine fom it..I used to have one and I think you didn't even have to use potting soil ;just keep is wet until roots
appear and then you can plant it in soil..Been a long time ago.

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By Shonda (Guest Post) 03/07/2007

I have a sweet potato in a vase, from this I have a very pretty vine. You have to add water each day, the potato sucks up the water. Good Luck

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By Clynn Altemus 30 67 07/23/2009

Can't say for sure about the yukon potato, but regular white potatoes are not vines. They are plants somewhere around 18" tall. Dirt has to be hilled around them as they grow and the potatoes grow onto the roots. When the tops dry up, the potatoes are ready to dig. The small, new potatoes are dug carefully from under the plant while it is still growing.

Sweet potatoes do vine, and they will even grow in a vase and vine around a window or wherever you direct them. Just have to be sure to keep them watered.

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