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Apple Flappen Recipe

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Does anyone have a recipe for apple flappen? Let me explain, you cut an apple into round slices with the core out. Then you dip in some kind of batter and deep fry. Finally, take the slices and cover with powered sugar and caramel. We had it at a carnival. Can anyone help with a recipe?




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By Judy = Oklahoma [58]08/18/2011

I learned how to do something similar to this at a Boy Scout dutch oven cooking class. All we did was take a box of yellow cake mix, mix enough water with it to make it the consistency of pancake batter & dip the apple slices in it, the fried it. Delicious!

One thing though, I noticed the batter tended to slide off the apples when lifting it out of the oil, I think it was because the apples were too wet when dipped in the batter. I'd suggest wiping the slices off before dipping them, or better yet, dust it with corstarch - this would dry the surface of the apple so the batter will stick easier.

By Jonnie Shambarger [2]08/16/2011

If you will Google Apple Flappen Recipe you will find a couple of recipes right off the bat. They sound delicious.

By SLMc [1]08/15/2011

We called them apple fritters, but sorry, I don't have recipe.

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