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Lip Balm Stains On Clothes


I accidently washed and dried a load of laundry with lip balm, how do I get it out of my clothes?

Jessica from Placerville, CA



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By Paula (Guest Post) 03/01/2007

I had this happen a couple days ago to my huband's wrinkle-resistant dress shirts and after using Shout 5 times to no improvement, I decided to pour in HOT water 1 box of baking soda, Purex laundry detergent and more Shout and let it soak in the washer overnight. It removed the stains completely from one shirt, lessened the stains on a second one, and didn't work at all on the third one, which was a different fabric/treatment.
His dress pants came out fine after the third washing with just the Shout product used. Good luck as I KNOW this is infuriating.

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By Mrs.AnnieS (Guest Post) 01/14/2008

I have layered tissue paper over the spot and used a warm iron to remove most of the lipbalm spot and then laundered with Shout. As the balm soaks the paper I keep moving it to fresh areas of the paper.
I am going to try the Dawn with hot water after the initial iron/tissue paper this time.
.....Maybe I should stop keeping lipbalm in my pocket!

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Archive: Lip Balm Stains On Clothes

Someone accidently left lip balm in a pocket and it went through the washer and dryer. I now have oil stains on my clothes and can't seem to get them out. Any suggestions?




Try soaking in BIZ. You should be able to find it in the grocery isle with the washing powder.
It works for a lot of laundry problems. Good luck! (12/28/2004)

By Cindy

Nappy Soaker

Nappy soaker, (for 24-48 hours), or any spot treatment for grease/petroleum jelly. (12/28/2004)

By Jo Bodey

Grease Stain

I have had great luck getting greasy type stains out of clothes by putting Dawn dishwashing liquid on the stain and pouring boiling water over the stained part ( in the sink of course). This has worked for me on stains that were set in. Good luck. (12/29/2004)

By Ginger

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