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Making a Mobile Home Belly Board

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What is a belly board made from for mobile homes? I need one so badly. I haven't got a clue how to finding someone to put one on my house. Energy Assistance won't help me either.

By lrrn567 from Bristol, CT


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By Sheila [3]06/16/2010

I am too, have never heard of a belly board.

By Misty [23]07/15/2009

I believe it is the bottom of the trailer. I crawled under my trailer once because a cat got in there. It was a kitten and the mother put it in there, but didn't come back to feed it.

I had to tear out this board material (there was a hole in there already). I could see the insulation and joist under that. Then the flooring of the trailer. I ended up getting the kitten out from under my tub in the bathroom, but had to do it inside the trailer.

The material I had to tear out was easy to rip out since it already had a hole in it anyway. It was like pressed wood, but really flimsy. It was just a barrier to keep the critters out of the insulation. This is my guess. Hopefully it helps you out.

By Louise B. [6]07/15/2009

What is a belly board? I have lived in a mobile home, and I have no idea what it is that you are talking about. I am sure others are equally puzzled.

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