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Installing Paneling Over Plaster Board

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We have paneling to put up in a living room but the walls are plaster. Question: Can we put paneling over plaster or do we put wall board or do we knock out wall and start from scratch? Thanks for any advice.

Fran from Woburn, MA


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By Dean (Guest Post)10/06/2006

You can put paneling over the plaster.You can attach it with an adhesive but would be a job if you ever had to remove it.You can nail it to the wall but the panels have to be nailed to or should be to the studs behind the plaster.When you locate one stud the others should be 16 inches on center.For more information visit a lumber yard that sells paneling or a home depot store that would have paneling.Paneling was very popular on the walls in a home at one time but are not today.

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