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Keeping Mice Out of a Camper

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RV camper

Rodents are attracted to human living quarters even when they are mobile. This guide is about keeping mice out of a camper.



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Question: Keeping Field Mice Out of a Camper

Field mice keep getting into our trailer/camper when not in use and making a terrible mess. Any suggestions of how I can get rid of them? Thank you!

By Amy from Millbury, MA


Most Recent Answer

By Tonya [4]06/27/2011

Peppermint is supposed to work, I have always had good luck with the de-con pellet trays, and stuffing holes with steel wool, sos pads, or aluminum foil. Just know that those radar things you plug in don't work. I have actually seen a mouse sit right next to one of those and not move.

Question: Keeping Mice Out of a Camper

My 5th wheel camper has been at a camp ground since Aug. 2009. I have never had a problem with mice and have had my camper for 3 years 8 months. My husband came home Dec. 23rd and went back to the camper after New Years. He had food on the stove for dinner and found a mouse eating out of the pan.

The camper was left clean, no dishes or anything out of place. He noticed sunflower seeds in the stove top and the bed had droppings on it. Nobody had eaten in the bed. He does have a bag of sunflower seeds. My cable wire is running through my window and my cooking vent was left open for when you cook. I am very scared of mice. I was suppose to go there, but now I don't want to because I am afraid of mice.

How can they be in the camper now, when I have never had this happen before. My camper is parked against a hug tree and it leans over the whole top of my camper. I feel one of the things has to be how it got in. He placed a trap under the stove top and did kill one mouse, but I'm still not relieved that it is resolved.

By Kim from Sulphur, LA


Most Recent Answer

By headreindeer04/30/2015

We have a travel trailer & under the camper are the water lines, etc. We use steel wool to fill the gaps. It not only keeps out mice but also insects... like spiders.

Solutions: Keeping Mice Out of a Camper

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