Use A Can As A Biscuit Cutter


Use a clean tuna can as a biscuit cutter. Just cut the bottom out and discard. Make sure any rough edges are flat with a pair of pliers. You can also use this as a large cookie cutter.

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO


By Clynn Altemus 30 67 08/17/2010

Great idea.
It will work even better if you cut the top out, making sure the sides are smooth. Then, using a can opener, put 3 or 4 air holes in the bottom. The can will not get crushed or out of shape, and the air holes will release the biscuits or cookies much easier.

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By Brian 2 08/17/2010

Washing out the can is optional right? Mmmm tuna biscuits! ;)

Great tip, will try next time I make biscuits.


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By Lilac 20 1,333 10/12/2011

Why not just buy a biscuit cutter and you'll have it all your life? Put it on your Christmas list and someone can get it for you. I have a lovely stainless cutter that I have had for 15 years and still counting.

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By cookie2 1 22 10/12/2011

This will certainly do in a pinch. When I was a young homemaker just starting out, I used every money-saving trick in the book. Another one - I used to use an empty wine bottle for a rolling pin. Worked great! Ah, those were the days!

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Archive: Use A Can As A Biscuit Cutter

If you are in need of a cookie or biscuit cutter, simply take an empty soup (canned goods) can and open it with a can opener on both ends. This works perfectly the same as a cutter and saves you from buying one of those fancy cutters that are made from the same thing.

Note: Check both ends of can to be sure it can be opened on both ends as some cans are rounded on the ends.

By sbb1 from Umm al Quain, UAE

RE: Use A Can As A Biscuit Cutter

And if you have store bought biscuits, use a small lid, like the one from a bottle of vanilla, and you can make easy doughnuts. Cut hole, fry both hole and doughnut on both sides in about 1/2 inch of oil til brown. Sprinkle with sugar. (05/19/2008)

By Judy