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What is the difference between the American Legion and the VFW?

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What is the difference between the American Legion and the VFW?

Imaqt1962 from Illinois


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By maria (Guest Post)10/04/2008

How silly. When's the last time we had a war on American soil?

Editor's Note: I believe it was the Civil War.

By SGT. Greg (Guest Post)08/26/2008

The American Legion accepts both peacetime and wartime vets. To be in the Legion, you don't ever have to leave the US...but MOST members have. I'd say the majority of Legionairres have seen combat or have been deployed to a hostile area.

The VFW states you have to have served in a combat area to become a member.
Both are great organizations..the only difference between the two is requirements for membership. I'm a member of both.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]03/10/2006

VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars to be be a member you had to have served in the military during war time on foreign soil. My husband is member of both along with Fleet Reserves and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

I am auxillary member and it is amazing the community work these people do. I am about the youngest yet these women ring circles around me.

My husband served in Desert Storm and was in excellent health when he left with a physical to prove it and now he uses a cane to walk or wheelchair and takes so many meds. he cannot drive and he just turned 38 ! Yet no pity for him, he volunteers with the VFW and lobbies for Veteran rights and for those serving now. My husband talks to Sens. & Congressmen/women, Gov of our state went to Washington DC with VFW and does his best to keep benefits from being cut back. At the moment the current administration is trying to make each Veteran PAY for services at the VA Veterans Administration for health benefits that have always been PROMISED to our military. Currently we have National Guard serving in War time and causing severe financial problems for the family left without major bread winner. It is sad the VFW does it best to help all.

If I can stress one thing..... Please if you know a Veteran they may be eligible for benefits throught the VA they can see the VFW Representiives who there to help Veterans with Paperwork, filing, etc so art DAV reps. and some American Legions do this too. PLEASE remember the VFW has certified service officers who there to help VETERANS and families so please let them know. Often many vets do no know this.

I know I got long winded here however this is something people should know.

By edieparks (Guest Post)03/10/2006

America legion is for veterans that served on american soil. VFW is for veterans that served in foriegn countries/american soil . We appreciate both of them.



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