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Simple Crafts for a Church Bazaar

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Our church holds its annual bazaar every November. I am looking for some simple crafts that I could make and sell.

Thank you.
Louise in FL


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By Nancy H [1]07/04/2005

badwater... I'd love to see a pic... I don't understand how the scissors stay in place.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]07/02/2005

I have a CD that has 11 crochet and craft patterns. They are all things that could be made and sold at Church Bazaars. Some of them are Easter, some are Christmas, and some are non seasonal ideas. Here is the Thrifty Fun link to check them out. There is a Hat Pot Lid Holder that can be made from scrap yarn in just a few minutes.
Harlean from Arkansas

By ginnee (Guest Post)06/29/2005

I love book marks. They could be as simple or as fancy as you want to make them. I've seen crocheted book marks or some made out of holiday cards. Maybe "personalized" with beads that have letters on them.

By badwater [242]06/29/2005

I hope I can make this so you'll understand. A few years ago, I bought a Scissors Holder. The lady had taken a nice & pretty potholder. Turned it where one corner was at the top & folded the 2 sides in. For each side, she sewed a few stitches as you would if you'd put a button on, but just enough to make each side stay. She, then, took a plastic o-ring & stitched it to the top edge of the potholder, to be used as a hanger.
Next she hot glued a pretty lace all around the edges of the potholder. On top of the lace, she hot glued flat gold braided rope-like to the edge of the lace. In the center of the front panels of the potholder (where they meet in the front), she hot glued a string of seed pearls the length of the potholder, on top of that she hot glued a pretty bow that she looped 3 times.

Items needed:
1 nice (sturdy), pretty potholder
1 plastic o-ring
pretty lace
seed pearls
gold flat braid rope
hot glue gun
glue stix
needle & thread

These look nice. They hold several pairs of scissors. I gave my Mom one, she said she'd never seen one before. It keeps your scissors handy & in plain sight. If you're into crafts, this would be one EZ product you could make several in no time at all. I don't remember what I paid for them, but I'm sure they'd sell at a craft sale or yard sale. Put a pair of scissors in it, for show, if you didn't want to stand there & be constantly telling what it was. Be sure to put that your scissors aren't for sale. Scissors are costly anymore.

By badwater [242]06/29/2005

Bake several desserts to take to be sold either in pieces or as a whole.

Are you good at making wreaths? Do you have access to pinecones? My sister sent me a pinecone wreath she made.

How about fixing grabbags for Mom's to buy for their kid's birthday parties? Grandparents could, also buy them for gift giving, little somethings, etc. These could also be tucked away for a rainy day or be kept to put in Easter baskets or Halloween goodie bags.

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