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What Can I Use as a Substitute for a Flea Comb?

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I have a 2 year old Shih tzu and she has fleas that I can't get rid of. I've tried flea shampoos, flea sprays, and flea collars, but no results.

I heard that you can use Dawn dishwashing liquid, but you will need a flea comb and I can't find one. Would a small regular comb do? They say that you need a flea comb to comb out the fleas as they begin to run or they will enter the dog's ears and nose. Please help? She's uncomfortable. Thank you for your time!

By Yeanie from New Orleans, LA


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By Jessica [1]06/22/2010

I have a yorkie that once got fleas so bad they would jump on my clothes. Depending on the size of the dog I would not over do it with chemicals. Dawn will kill the fleas, you should start at the head and work to the tail so they don't hide. Please make sure you use the nonconcentrate or it can hurt the eyes.

On the flea comb you will see fleas in the rinse water. The comb Is to get the eggs, I do not find the comb useful for my long haired dog. A headlice comb would probably work fine. Make sure you also treat the bedding and brushes with dawn and hot water. I have also heard to let the Dawn soak for a few minutes. You will have to rewash every other day for a while until they are out if the house.

As for the house, Borax is in the laundry aisle, you sprinkle it on your carpet and let it set for 30 min then vaccum. The acid kills all bugs including fleas. It also sets up a barrier, it was the only thing I found to work.

For prevention I suggest K9 Advantage, but you cannot put that on for two weeks after the last chemical treatment.

By merlene smith [4]06/22/2010

The best flea control I've ever used was K9 advantix I have 6 dogs so when we get fleas it's a nightmare. I've had no problem for the last 2 years since using this product. Check the internet for the lowest price.

By Sherri [6]06/22/2010

Any Pet store will have them. Also your Veterinarian or try a groomer. Good luck. Maybe try some advantage or Comfortis. Get these from your Vet for flea control.

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