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Does anyone know an alternative to spray bottles? I have bought several at the dollar store and even the expensive ones at Home Depot but they always break on me? The pump part always breaks. I need something that will replace these for cleaning.

Amy from Evansdale



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By laramay (Guest Post) 11/20/2007

Buy some inexpensive spray cleaner like ajax, use it all or empty it out and use that bottle. Usually they are made stronger then regular spray bottles.

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By no name today (Guest Post) 11/27/2007

I buy mine at Sam's Club in a 4 or 5 pack. They seem to last quit a long time. The bottle holds about a quart.

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By shirley c (Guest Post) 03/26/2008

This was happening to me the spray part would stop working..someone told me the little spring in mine was rusting up..I sprayed the pump part on mine with wd40 let sit and yes the pump worked again..some spray pumps have a little spring you can see give it a spray of wd40 ...

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By christine M. Thayer 2 232 01/26/2009

there is a difference in spray bottles..........and the good ones, u can take apart & clean........they can clog up or get particles stuck in the inner workings.......i got some from amazon, they were, i think, about $6 or $7.00 each, but i've had these b 4 & i have one that's more than 15yrs old..........they last & that spring inside is made of stainless steel...........these sprayers have kind of white bottles with red writing on them & the label on the sprayer says "PROSAFE SPRAYER".......... the nozzle is red & white.......u can take apart the nozzle by prying apart the top pivot point & pull out the insides......just b careful, to do it over a bowl or something.....these particular ones hold 24oz......... but if u use a larger bottle, what i do is use some of the 1/4in compression hose that they sell in home depot or most hardware stores.......sometimes u can buy it by the foot........cut the length u need & insert it...........it's the perfect size.........if there is a strainer on the end, it will fit, too.......

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