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Craft Ideas for Two Liter Bottles

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I am not very crafty but what can I do with 2 liter pop bottles? I don't like throwing them away, so I would like to find something to do with them. Thanks!

JSKA980405 from Goshen, IN



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By melody_yesterday [213]07/07/2009

Make cool terrariums. Peel off the lable. Cut as straight as possible after starting the cut with a knife,finish with scissors.
Add sand,stones (for drainage),small plants,moss or other & possibly a small inexpensive figurine or trinket or stone etc. for interest.
Water thoroughly.(Keep in mind that the water can't easily escape the dome)
place top down over bottom creating a "dome" over the plants.

Here's someone elses version

By Alexis (Guest Post)02/20/2009

Hey, love the ideas.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]11/09/2008

Here is a link to a pattern that I submitted previously. It is an Easter Basket pattern. You can find it here It is PDF form and easily printed off.
Harlean from Arkansas

By Lisa Austin [20]11/05/2008

I have been making Xmas tree ornaments with them. I cut off the top part, then saw off the part that screws with the cap. I then paint them, decorate with decoupage. I find an interesting shaped squeeze bottle top and glue that on then glue on a bead to the hole where the liquid would come out. I then punch two holes on two sides that add a string or ribbon. I fill these with small gifts or candies or nuts and then give them a way as gifts. My friends sure like them and I love the idea that I have recycled plastics and kept them out of the landfill!

By melody_yesterday [213]11/03/2008

i really like this idea : it's very very clever ::

By Janet (Guest Post)11/03/2008

Here is cute snowman I made from a two liter bottle. Add some sand about half way up in the bottle & then make a face using craft paint. The hat is a child's sock slightly stuffed & hot glued on the bottle top & tied with twine. cut teh toe off & shag the end. the arms are one piece of floral wire pushed through premade holes. The mittens are cut from felt & hot glued on the ends of the wire. the scarf is a scrap of winter print fabric. it was really pretty easy to make.

RE: Craft Ideas for Two Liter Bottles

By RAE (Guest Post)11/03/2008

We have a well that is very low. When it starts raining, I catch water in buckets and use a funnel to store it in 2 liter bottles or gallon plastic milk bottles. If i will keep it long I add a bit of bleach to prevent algae forming. I use it to water things or have on hand in case of a fire, or even pour down the toilet when the power goes out.

By Louise B. [5]11/03/2008

Can you not return them for deposit? We can here. They are recycled into a variety of things, so not as good as glass which is reused, or aluminum which is made into cans again, but better than putting in the landfill.

By Melanie Jackson [1]11/02/2008

Cut off the top to make a nice funnel.

By Sue Kehr [8]11/02/2008

Thanks so much for the inputs everyone. I have some new ideas for my pop bottles, thanks again!

By Keeper [57]11/02/2008

Fill them w/water.turn them upside down to water your outside plants. Fill them w/water, bend one of those light sticks and drop it in. It makes a safe luminary for your walkway on Christmas Eve. Cut the bottom off, drop a skein of yarn in and thread it through the top or do the same w/twine/hemp or string. Use them to store rice, dry beans etc.
Keeper, NC

By Patsy [5]11/02/2008

They make great bird feeders. Those that knit or crochet, they can hold the yarn. You can check for more recycling ideas here or on a web site for recycling, there's a lot of great ideas.

By Sally [16]11/02/2008

Here's an idea: Use Clear Two Liter Bottles as Gift Wrap

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