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Knowing When a Website Was Last Updated

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This may or not be a complicated question... but here goes! I use Microsoft Windows XP and have Internet Explorer as my browser. I'm wondering if there is any way, when I load a web page to find out when the web page was last updated or when it was added as a site/ posted?? I know trusted sites like ThriftyFun say when they are last updated, but sometimes when researching for school or need to know research I have no clue as to if its from 2006 or 1996. I look forward for any advice and thank you in advance!

Matt H from Keene, NH



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By sonny (Guest Post)06/06/2008

I realized that it doesn't show when it was last updated instead it shows the time at which you are viewing that page.

By (Guest Post)02/19/2008


type that into the URL box and then refresh page. As simple as that, should come up with a box that shows the date and time it was last modified, just click ok and then it goes back to the page. <33

By (Guest Post)02/17/2008

That javascript thingy doesn't work for me. It just comes up with the date and time at the moment, not the date and time it was updated

By David M. [1]07/04/2007

This is not an accurate indication of when the page was last updated
Copy/paste this line of javascript into the address bar and click "Go" or "Enter". There you'll have the time and date!



The problem with it is that it reads the date/time stamp that it is in your webbrowser cache. If you force a browser refresh that date and time changes to the most current. Go ahead and try it. Use the javascript to read this page, write it down and than force the browser to refresh (press F5) and than run the javascript again and you will see that the date and time has updated. It is not the time that the page was last modified. It is the date that is in your own web browser. The is NO sure fired way to absolutely be sure of the correct last modified date and time as the date/time stamp on the server itself can be over ridden.

By Matthew Haas [2]09/27/2006

Thank you so much for your suggestion for how to find out when a website was last updated. I used the javascript alert and it has worked great! It's so easy, quick and simple a function now that I know of it !! ... and here I used to painstakingly look all over a website to "get a clue" as to when it may have been published, etc. Thank you for taking the time to write and assist. I apologize in not having written a THANK YOU sooner ... This is such a great website and I truly appreicate the help of people like yourself. Sincerely, MATT H from NH

By Vicki [6]09/14/2006

Copy/paste this line of javascript into the address bar and click "Go" or "Enter". There you'll have the time and date!


Or...and this is the easiest way: Use a bookmarklet! Bookmarklets are the coolest thing since sliced bread and so easy to add to your links bar to enhance functionality of your browser. (No install needed) Check out or just google bookmarklets. Look for "Page Freshness"

By Matthew Haas [2]09/12/2006

Camo_Angels: Thank you so much for your valuable information ... I really appreciate all that you stated and now I can feel more confident when citing publications from the internet. When I was first studying to be a paralegal years ago it would become aggravating at times that the "law was fluid" and literally after writing a paper the laws could change overnight (We had to deal with some old lawbooks too and the year I was done they THEN starting using Westlaw online ... go figure LOL) I wish you much sucess in your education and thank you again!! --- MATT

By Kelly [15]09/12/2006

-I do classes online, and do A LOT of internet research. I use Mozilla Firefox, but when I went through Explorer, using "Properties" and view Source, no dates popped up (except for when it is copied into your history.) The most common I have seen is the Copyright at the bottom. Most "professional" sites have their information copyrighted, and will mark an update. If it is a weblog, I go by the most recent entry date. Somewhere on the sites (especially were it shows the Webmaster name) there will be some date either showing the last update or current usage (like copyright for thriftyfun is 1997-2006, meaning information is on here and is active in 2006. If you need to cite articles/publications, most of those have the published date listed in the site address. I hope this helps. I use Windows XP/Office 2003, plus I am taking a class on it, so I will post the question and check back with you later!

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