How To Hang Shelves On Cinder Block Walls


How to hang shelves on cinder block walls in a dorm?

Debra from, New jersey



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By Marty Dick 163 955 09/03/2007

Check with your builder supply store. There is a little thing which I'll call a nail for want of a better word. They will work on the block walls. They have a special name which the clerks will know if you tell them what you are doing. My son bought an old fixer upper house with block walls and he used them to hang things on the walls.
Check with dorm management first.

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By AuntyC (Guest Post) 09/04/2007

You can make some really great looking shelves with cinder blocks or bricks and 1 inch boards. If the cinder blocks or bricks look too rough, cover them with contact paper or cloth. Your shelves can be up to 12 inches wide and up to 12 feet long. Have the lumber yard or store cut the boards to the length you want. Boards can be painted, stained, or left natural. A big bonus.... it won't be hard to store or take home with you.

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By pam munro 523 787 09/07/2007

You can't - that's why brick & board bookcases are so popular with students - you can use anything inbetween the boads - bricks/cinderblocks/ cans/even other BOOKS.

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By pam munro 523 787 09/07/2007

P.S. if you only want a light decorative shelf for knickknacks, etc. you can put them on the wall with double-backed foam tape (strong) or get ones that have sticky backed applications....but be careful that they don't take off the PAINT. We could only use sticky stuff to put up posters, etc.

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