Using Vinegar in an HE Washing Machine


How would vinegar affect the new washing machines that states you should only use products with the (HE) symbol on it?


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By Judi 18 939 03/06/2009

Well, I never thought of it hurting my HE washer and so far, so good. I've used vinegar for a couple of years instead of fabric softener and to keep towels fresh and if it's hurt the machine I can't tell.

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By Lisa 75 107 03/06/2009

I have used it too, though I just got my machine not too long ago and still no problems. I can't imagine vinegar harming the machine. What you can do is use 1/4 cup instead of the recommended 1/2 cup (that's what i do) just to be on the safe side. With those machines you seem to need less of everything! :)

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By ALICIA SMILEY 03/07/2009

I have to agree with the other posters. I've had a high efficiency LG Steam Washer for nearly 2 years now and have used vinegar as a softening agent the entire time with no problems at all.

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