Homecoming Ideas

Our homecoming theme is Dancing Around the World. We decided to have our homecoming outside as opposed to in the gym. I was wondering if anyone had ideas to make this years homecoming extra special. We need to make it really good because students are already upset about it being outside. So any ideas on decorations? Thanks.

By Volleychika144 from San Diego, CA

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Our school is doing "old school rock n roll" so 50's, 60's I guess and were doing hair day so like greaser hair 80s hair band hair beehives stuff like that and then 50s day so dress like poodle skirtes and then famous musicians of any time period so: Gaga, Beatles, Elvis all those but we can't figure out Thursday because Friday is battle of the classes when all of the classes have events. We don't have football so this is our intense thing. I'm a senior so we will hopefully win. Only two years in our schools history have the seniors not won and it was terrible cause they were show boats. Sorry rambled, if anyone has ideas for our Thursday, please tell me.

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What is a good idea for character day at school for girls?

By Mollie M.

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Women who made a difference for what they did, movers and doers, not the wife of some famous man. I used this something similar for teaching how to do research papers to 8th grade, no actors, actresses, entertainers, sport figures. There are an amazing number of inventors, many of them black Americans, that I and the class learned about as an oral report was also part of the assignment. This assignment had many graded parts, note cards, outline, visual (posters, graphs, examples, etc.), written report and oral report. Hope this helps you. Of course, this comes from the time teachers could teach something, not teach to some test.

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I am in charge of this year's homecoming. I go to Sam Houston High School and we are the Texans. Our theme this year is: "Time Warped Texans, a Retro Homecoming". Basically it's about the past music decades (50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's). It would be great if you can send some ideas for a float, and spirit week days. Thanks!

Clara from Arlington, TX

Homecoming Ideas

Hoax day.
Dress as your homecoming opponents. (09/03/2008)

By katie Jo

Homecoming Ideas

If you are looking for things that were popular way back then ---I was in high school in the '50's. That was about when Rock n Roll got started. The biggest hit of that time was Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets).
You can find the music of each decade online. I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the website now. But a search will turn it up, I'm sure.

I don't know why, but we always wore cardigan sweaters backwards (buttoned up). And a small square scarf tied around our neck. We had "Sock Hops" in the gym (a dance held in the gym and wearing socks, no shoes allowed).
Outside of gym, girls wore loafers, white bucks and knee socks. I don't remember what the boys wore. (09/05/2008)

By pam2cats

Homecoming Ideas

Our school always has the basics, like PJ day, Nerd/Geek day, Oldies Day (50,60,70,80), some dressed like old people, crossover day (guys and girls or animals), superhero/superstar day, and blue and white day (or school colors).

By abc

Homecoming Ideas

In West Texas, we always have days like camo day for deer hunting, or farmer day. But we also have pajama day, crazy day, oldies day, twin day, star day (where you dress up like a famous person), and spirit day with our school colors. (09/09/2008)

By blob

Homecoming Ideas


Stoplight day: if you're single wear green, if you're "talking" with someone or "it's complicated", wear yellow, and if you're dating someone wear red. This one is easy because people can wear just t-shirts or go all out with the colors. One person wore all the colors!

Nerd day: taping of glasses, suspenders, high pants, overalls, high socks, pocket protectors, etc. So many people got into this one!

Harry Potter Day: wizards and witches everywhere! Broomsticks and griffyndor colors everywhere!

Cowboy day: hats, boots, plaid shirts, bandannas

Powderpuff football: it really brings the classes together. girls playing football - teachers and football players as their coaches. This can also be used as a spirit day when each class wears their powderpuff t-shirts.

Bonfire: pep rally at the bonfire! With music, cheers, football team, dance team. Our school did not approve us having any form of food-with-the-fire at the bonfire, though (09/11/2008)

By Eliza

Homecoming Ideas

At my school we do a day that is about wearing mismatched clothes. It's my favorite and so so easy. We also do a forgery day, where you dress like the opponents team. Good luck! (09/16/2008)

By hayley

Homecoming Ideas

I've also heard of fake an injury day. Just another idea that's different from the others. (09/21/2008)

By Rachel

Homecoming Ideas

At my school, today was '80's workout day. (09/22/2008)

By :)

Homecoming Ideas

At our school in c-town Idaho we have:

  • Rock Star day
  • Stripes and polka dot day
  • Safari day
  • Theme day
  • Spirit day

    We also have a bonfire lip sing, a parade, and fun stuff. (09/23/2008)

    By ricky

    Homecoming Ideas

    At my school we do:

  • -Nerd Day
  • -Superhero/Disney character day
  • -Blast from the past (wear clothes from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s)
  • -Gender Bender Day (girls dress as guys, guys as girls)
  • -Tacky Day
  • -Spirit Day (09/24/2008)

    By Jennifer

    Homecoming Ideas

    We have:

  • -Mon.-Decades day
  • -Tues.-Movie day
  • -Wed.-Tacky day
  • -Thurs.-College day
  • -Fri.-Spirit day

    :D (09/27/2008)

    By hilly

    Homecoming Ideas

    At our school we had:

  • Monday- Native American day
  • Tuesday- Mardi Gras day
  • Wednesday- Hawaiian Day
  • Thursday- Mexican day
  • Friday- Funkadellic Friday. Wear bright colors and play the music of the 80's. Gap band, Zap and roger. You know, funk. (09/30/2008)

    By Darin

    Homecoming Ideas

    At our school, this week is homecoming week. We have:

  • Twin day
  • Opposite sex day
  • Class color day (we get t-shirts for our grade on this day)
  • Duct tape day (We all wear as much duct tape as we can. The grade who wears most wins.)
  • School color day (10/05/2008)

    By Lynz

    Homecoming Ideas

  • Monday: go to work day
  • Tuesday: school spirit day (red, black, white) pep rally day. (11/20/2008)
  • Wednesday: nationality day.
  • Thursday: crazy outfit day.
  • Friday: retro day

    By Ashleyyy

    Homecoming Ideas

    Our homecoming spirit days this year were:

  • MON: Highlighter/Neon Day
  • TUES: Tie-Dye Day
  • WEDS: Pajama Day
  • THURS: Country Club Day
  • FRI: Spirit Day (school colors cardinal/navy)

    Another idea that wasn't passed by administration was Where's Waldo Day, which everyone would have loved! =) (12/02/2008)

    By elise is amazing

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  • Our leadership class is having trouble thinking of ideas for our homecoming. We need ideas for dress up days, lunch time activities, fun skits about our opponent, and float ideas. We are the Indians and we are going to be playing the fisherman. We are also in need of some good fund raising ideas to help us with goals we would like to achieve this year in our leadership class. Anything would help!

    Christina from Scappoose, OR

    Homecoming Ideas

    For the dress up days: Twin Day, Favorite College Team Day, School spirit day, 70's Day.
    Good Luck! (09/13/2006)

    Homecoming Ideas

    Superhero day, Nerd day, Switch a roo day (where girls and guys switch places), Pajama day (09/16/2006)

    By lucy

    Homecoming Ideas

    We always do something called Tacky Day. It's everyone's favorite. Everyone wears what ever they want that doesn't match. For example...like pjs under a nice skirt with a shirt that don't match and wild make up and all kinds of jewelry, and your hair wacked out! (09/23/2006)

    By stephanie

    Homecoming Ideas

    Our high school always does amazing dress up days. We do toga party, twin day, retro day, famous face day, tacky tourist day, twin day, rancher day, generation day (fresh.= babies, soph.= toddlers, jun.= adults, sen.= old people), stuff like that. (08/26/2007)

    Homecoming Ideas

    We've always had opposite day, nerd day, wacky tacky day (everyones favorite), twin day, and different ones like that. (08/27/2007)

    By karly

    Homecoming Ideas

    My school does decade day like:

  • fresh-50's
  • sophomores-60's
  • juniors-70's
  • seniors-80's
  • Everyone loves it. (09/06/2007)

    By Breanne

    Homecoming Ideas

    My school on homecoming week, has 3 different days:

  • 1. Battle of the Colors, each grade wears a different color of the schools colors.
  • 2. Multiple day. Dress alike with your friends
  • 3. Spirit Day. wear your schools colors!
  • (09/28/2007)

    By Emily

    Homecoming Ideas

    i have

  • twin day
  • tacky day
  • way back wednesday(50s,6os,70s,80s)
  • superheroe day
  • spirit day
  • (10/01/2007)

    By caroline

    Homecoming Ideas

    Our junior high has crazy hair day, spirit day, crazy hat day, and tacky day (10/03/2007)

    By Felice Chung

    Homecoming Ideas

    My daughter's school just had homecoming week, and their theme was rock n roll. Mon- Party like a rockstar (dress as rockers) Tues - Jailhouse rock (dress as prisoner or sheriff) Wed - Welcome to the jungle (leapords, zebras, safarri guys, etc) Thurs - Dude looks like a lady (guys/girls dress opposite - but this day was scratched by a parent - go figure) Fri - Back in black (they had shirts done up like AC-DC except with RH-HC) They've had so much fun this week! (10/04/2007)

    Homecoming Ideas

    How about teacher/student switch day its very fun to see the teachers dress as kids..lol (10/19/2007)

    By Jasmine

    Homecoming Ideas

    I have pajama day (all out with face masks and teddy bears) then college day (that's always stupid) school colors day, holiday day (each class has a different holiday they have to dress up for. ex: freshman have thanksgiving and we dressed up as indians) and then color day (freshman yellow, sophomores green, juniors red, and then seniors blue) It's so competitive but so much fun! (10/26/2007)

    By Freshman

    Homecoming Ideas

    Been a long time since my own school days. But How about Clash day (outfits that colors DO NOT match). School spirit day, "nerd" day, backwards day, 1980's day,..hope that helps! (01/16/2008)

    By momma red

    Homecoming Ideas

    This week is our homecoming week we had pj day, nerd day, super hero day and then spirit day everyone really got into it. (01/23/2008)

    By KD

    Homecoming Ideas

    For our school's homecoming we did at night at the movies, and one day we had movie trivia. Another day a soccer game, and another day the guys played volleyball and two girls coached it (so much fun!). One day we dresssed like our fav super hero and another was homecoming t shirt day. Another was school spirit and another was scary day like horror films. It was fun! (05/10/2008)

    By tyty

    Homecoming Ideas

    For our homecoming this year we are doing 7 wonders of the World. This means the dress up days can be jungle day, Egyptian day, and we are also thinking of having like a though the decades day. (05/29/2008)

    By Random Kid

    Homecoming Ideas

    We have blast from the past (old school), formal day (nice dresses), wild wacky wednesday (anything and everything), futuristic day (robots), school spirit day (school colors), twin day (dress like another), superhero day (spongebob, whoever), and crazy hair day (wear stupid stuff that you never would wear in your hair).

    Ours are kinda boring (06/28/2008)

    By sarah&erin

    Homecoming Ideas

    In Our School we did Duck Tape day where everyone had to use duck tape to dress up we had some really cool ideas that people came up with. Another one we had was Thug day where everyone dressed in baggy pants wore their biling everyone goes all out on this day! This is probably the favorite day at our school! (07/10/2008)

    By Dani

    Homecoming Ideas

    I'm now a varsity cheerleader, I'm fixing to be a freshman. I have been a cheerleader my junior high school years, but this year is a whole big difference. I'm sort of new to the whole planning a homecoming or even planning a pep-rally. So if you have any suggestions on a skit or something (b)new(/b) please let me know cause our schools homecoming and pep-rallys have really gotten BORING in the past couple of years. and I want to make it funner this year! So please let me know (: thanks. -lex (07/14/2008)

    By Alexa

    Homecoming Ideas

    I really love the one about the Rock n' Roll Homecoming! The days are soooo cute! I'm a Varsity Cheerleader and in the 11th grade. I think if my school does this then it will be a great hit! (08/19/2008)

    By Jordan

    Homecoming Ideas

    I actually just got back from schools student council meeting like ten minutes ago. Here were our days for this year.

  • 1. jersey/hat day - everybody wears a jersey and hat, obviously.
  • 2. geek day - pull your pants up and break out the big glasses!
  • 3. crazy day - anything and everything. some girl last yr drove a tractor to school? lol
  • 4. class color day - seniors- yellow, juniors- orange, soph- green, fresh- blue
  • 5. red and grey day - red and grey - beads, hair, socks, pants, shirts, everything becomes the school colors!! people really get into this one. Good luck
  • :) (08/27/2008)

    By ashleigh

    Homecoming Ideas

    At my school we do:

  • crazy sock day
  • nerd day
  • twin day
  • celebrity day
  • spirit day
  • (08/31/2008)

    By star kb

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