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Protecting Your Plants From Small Animals

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Tips and ideas for protecting your plants from small animals. Post your ideas.


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By Susan from Hamilton (Guest Post)06/06/2005

I put mouse traps in the garden, when they go off the smacking sound scares off the intruder.

By Trish (Guest Post)06/03/2005

Hello All!
Used coffee grounds keep ants away & rabbits too I "hope".....

The pic. is of a "verbena" plant. Stunning when you have them grouped.
I've been using "C G" for a couple of months already & it seems to work. & of course, I live in the desert, so summer comes early!

RE: Protecting Your Plants From Small Animals

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/03/2005

Sprinkle snuff (tobacco) on top of your flower bed and it will keep cats and weasels out.

By Pace

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