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Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

Did anyone ever get the recipe for the gel looking, cookie cutter shaped air fresheners being sold at craft fairs for 4.95 each with rope tied through top for hanging? I would like to make my own instead of buying and looking for them elsewhere. Hard to find.


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Hi everyone. Just a little tidbit of info for all. I'm one of those crafters who make and sell those aroma beads. I just wanted to let you know that by the time you order the product, pay shipping. make the beads and package them 4.95 is a steal, but if you want a discount what would be better is to ask the seller for one if you buy say 3 and have a few friends go in on it.

I love this site and I love saving money, but some things its just easier to buy and by the way it costs about 2.75 for each auto air freshener to make and then the person has to pay for the booth. I go to festivals and sell my wares, and by the time I come home I paid for the day. A lot of us do it because we like to.

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November 20, 20080 found this helpful

I found some templates at a craft site they were hard like cardboard, but were made of some type of white paper bound together and you then put your own scent on them. I just wish I could remember where it was I ordered from.

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May 18, 20090 found this helpful

I simply take a fabric softener sheet and attach it to a vent in the car. My car always stays fresh smelling! Even my trucker husband does the same thing in his truck!

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May 21, 20091 found this helpful

Scented Gel Air Fresheners

What You Need:

2 c distilled water

Essential oil/fragrance

4 pkg unflavored gelatin

Empty jar(s)

Food coloring (optional)

Here's How:

Heat 1 cup of distilled water to boiling.

Stir in 4 packages of unflavored gelatin (e.g., Knox) until dissolved.

Remove the mixture from heat and stir in the other 1 cup water.

Add 10-20 drops of essential oil or other concentrated fragrance.

If desired, add food coloring to tint your gel.

You may also wish to add a mold inhibitor, such as 1-2 T salt

OR a small amount of potassium sorbate

OR a splash of vodka.

Pour the gel into clean baby food jars or other small, decorative containers.

The gel will set at room temperature, although you can place the air fresheners in

the refrigerator for a quick set (and scented fridge).

Decorate your jars as desired and enjoy!


This project requires heat, so adult supervision is required.

Feel free to scale the recipe up or down to make the amount of gel you need

(e.g., 1 cup water to 2 pkg gelatin).

If you wish, you can (carefully) dissolve gelatin in concentrated liquid potpourri

(no other ingredients needed) to make your air fresheners. Use a ratio of 1 cup liquid to

2 packages gelatin.

You can make multicolored gels by pouring a new color over one which has already

set up (like making a layered gelatin dessert).

You can get cute jars for about $0.44 at Wal-Mart in the craft department.

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January 18, 20100 found this helpful

I have found the true recipe for air freshener you were talking about!

Here is the link at which I found it:

http://www.ehow  r-freshener.html

Here is the recipe:

By: Fleur Forsythe

Making your own aroma beads air freshener is an easy and inexpensive craft project with many creative possibilities. Aroma beads air fresheners, which you can make in a variety of colors and fragrances, make lovely gifts or party favors, especially when presented in decorative glass containers, paired with fabric sachets, or molded into shapes. You can even sell them at craft fairs or fundraisers.


1. You can find the materials to make aroma beads air freshers any store that sells candle- and soap-making supplies as well as online. To make the aroma beads, buy clear plastic unscented aroma beads made especially for this purpose, also known as luminettes. The beads are designed to absorb fragrance oils and colored dyes---other kinds of plastic beads will not work. Purchase concentrated liquid candle dye to color your beads. Do not substitute food coloring or other dyes, such as fabric dye. You'll also need to pick up the fragrance oil---the kind used for candles or essential oil. Other supplies you might already have on hand include a covered glass or plastic container (large enough to hold a batch of beads), cookie cutters, and a cookie sheet, if you want to mold the beads into shapes.

Making the Beads

2. Reserve 2 to 3 tablespoons of fragrance oil for 1 cup of beads. This proportion is a good starting point; however, some oils (particularly essential oils) are more absorbent than others. Place the colored oil in your covered container and add a tiny drop of colored dye to the fragrance oil. You can use a toothpick dipped in the dye to retrieve the tiniest drop. Agitate the container to blend in the color. Add more color, in small increments, if you want a deeper shade. For clear beads, leave out the dye. Carefully pour the beads into the container. Cover and shake the container so that all of the beads are completely coated with oil. It will take between one and three days for the beads to absorb the oil. If you think you've used too much oil, add more beads. During the oil-absorption process, occasionally shake the container to keep the oil evenly distributed. The beads are finished when they are completely dry.

Molding Shapes

3. Mold the aroma beads into decorative shapes, such as animals, flowers, hearts, or holiday designs. Do this by placing cookie cutters on top of a cookie sheet and filling the cookie cutters with the beads. Bake the beads in a 200° oven for about 45 minutes. Make sure the beads are completely cool before removing them from the cookie cutters. Make these designs into hanging air fresheners by drilling a hole through the shape and attaching a decorative ribbon.


4. Keep aroma beads air fresheners away from children and pets. Aroma beads may also stain wood as well as painted or plastic surfaces. Keep aroma beads away from heat, as they can melt if exposed to temperatures as low as 150°. As with any craft project, don't use the same kitchen utensils for making aroma beads as you do for food preparation.

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February 17, 20100 found this helpful

I have been wondering myself how to make these. Instead of pouring them into a jar to you just pour them into a cookie cutter? I don't live in the town anymore where they are popular but a small little town and I stay at home now and would like to make these for fun and to sell.

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May 7, 20080 found this helpful

Poke holes in the top of an empty mint tin, fill it with potpourri or cotton balls with potpourri oil and put it under your car seat to use as an air freshener.

Source: My own idea

By Mom of 1 from Wilkesboro, NC


Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

That's a good idea! I cut the toe out of an old pair of nylons and filled it with coffee beans/grounds (and tied a knot in the end after filling) to make an air freshener a few weeks ago. I have it placed right under the vent-- it smells so yummy! (02/21/2008)

By tms421

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February 21, 20080 found this helpful

I purchased a homemade car air freshener at a craft show and am wondering if anyone has the recipe. It was semi-hard, but looked like it was made from some kind of gel, hanging on a string, and cut with a cookie cutter.



Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

Hi April. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it is similar. Perhaps instead of pouring gel mix into jars you could pour it into a lined baking tray and cut out with cookie cutters once hardened. I got the recipe from real food 4 real people ezine.

Room Fragrance Gel Jars

  • 1 16 oz. bottle liquid potpourri in the fragrance of your choice
  • 4 envelopes unflavored gelatin (there are 4 envelopes in 1 pkg. Knox
  • Ad
  • gelatin)
  • 2 Tbls. Salt
  • Small jars of your choice ( 1/2 pint Mason jars or baby food jars work well).

Wash jars (in a dishwasher if possible) before using them. Heat some water to boiling and pour into jars to scald them. Carefully empty the water out and allow jars to dry. (This step, as well as the salt, keeps the gel from developing mold). Pour 8 oz potpourri into a pan and bring to full boil. Stir in 2 Tbls. salt. Remove from heat and stir in gelatin. Stir for at least two minutes until gelatin is completely dissolved. You must stir for two or more minutes. You will think gelatin is dissolved before this, but trust me, it is not. Stir in remaining liquid potpourri. Stir really well. Carefully pour the mixture into your clean jars. Loosely cap the jars and put aside in a cool place to gel. They should gel overnight in a cool place. You could put in refrigerator, but not really necessary. For the tops of the jars, cut lace or thin fabric two inches larger in diameter than the top of the jar. When mixture has gelled, put metal lid on jar, cover with lace or fabric, secure with a rubber band, screw jar ring on. Attach label and bow if desired. To use, remove jar ring and fabric. Place metal lid aside, replace fabric and jar ring and enjoy. Enjoy many hours of fragrance in your house or in your car. (04/21/2004)

By Sue (Cape Town, South Africa)

Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

place your favorite fabric softener dryer sheets under the seats of your car - the smell lasts for days!!! (03/01/2006)

By kelly

Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

The place you are looking for is The have what they call aroma beads that they scent, dye, and pour into a cookie cutter and bake. It looks like gel but it is hard. I have never made them but they sound fun. Hope this helps. (10/31/2006)

By Tina

Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

Fragrance oil in tap water put on carpet. ( (09/11/2007)

By Chase

Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

Car Potpourri

  • 4 oz Celluse Fiber
  • Essential Oil or Fragrance oil scent to your liking.
  • 3x5 cloth bag.

Mix celluse fiber and scent pour into bag. (10/30/2007)

By Fresh

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February 21, 20080 found this helpful

I am allergic to a lot, and with my pregnancy, smells drive me crazy-- even ones that make life a bit more pleasant; like air fresheners in cars, which I don't normally smell but are needed due to occasional trips with the dog. My husband filled a tightly woven bouquet garni bag with baking soda and hung it from the rearview mirror. I am not overwhelmed with smell now, and the baking soda keeps things fresh!



Make your own car air freshener

You can also place a dryer sheet in the car for an instant air freshener...or in a windowsill in the house, or on a heat vent, for that matter! Clip one to the front of a fan and turn it on for quick room freshening! (06/14/2002)

By julie_gustafson

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