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I am looking for names of restaurants that have free (or discounted) children's meals. We love to go out to eat, but I get so upset when we have to pay for children's meals, and thay do not eat all of it. Any idea's for free meals or discounts would be great.

Stacy from El Paso, IL



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By Lisa Kless 25 37 10/24/2005

Looking forward to any postings answering this question too! I have a 2 year old son and my husband works 2nd shift, so it's a nice treat for my son and I to go out to dinner, "just the two of us", once in a while! We have a very limited budget, so free meals are a big plus. Two places I've found so far with free/discounted meals are Charcoal Grill (free kid's meals on Wednesdays), and the Chancery, where on Tuesdays kids pay 1 cent per inch of height! I live in WI, so I'm not sure that these chains would be in your area, but we're only a state away...Just a note--my son and I recently went to Rainforest Cafe in Gurnee Mills Mall in IL. I thought it would be neat because it has a fun theme/atmosphere, but it cost close to $30 for just he and I to eat! Won't be eating there again soon--the food was good, but the cost--ouch! Oh well, you live and learn!

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By Beth (Guest Post) 10/24/2005

There's a website that has a few restaurants listed; it's at www.kidseatfree.com.

Many restuarants down south offer kids eat free on a certain day, most falling on Tuesday. Our family fave is O'Charley's where two kids can eat free for each one paying adult.

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By CEIL ACHS 2 15 10/24/2005

I'm not in Illinois, but Denny's is a national chain and here they have free meals for kids on Tuesday and Saturday.

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By Laura (Guest Post) 10/24/2005

We live in MA.
I just came across free meals for kids on their birthday's at Friendlies restaurant. I know this is only one meal but its something.

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By Lynne 2 42 10/24/2005

Um, couldn't you just ask to have the uneaten food packed up to take home?

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By Karen in NH (Guest Post) 10/25/2005

While not free, The Old Country Buffet prices their meals for kids under the age of 10 at 55 cents per year old they are. A 3yo would only cost $1.65, which is quite a bargain. Plus it's an all-you-can-eat buffet with hundreds of different items to choose from; there's bound to be something for even the pickiest child.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 10/25/2005

Get out your local phone book and call places
you like or think you want to try and ASK!!!
I see signs outside announcing certain nights
KIDS EAT FREE.. and even McDonalds has
cheap Happy Meals on certain days the discount it.
Good Luck...

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By Monica 1 10/25/2005

I think Denny's does it on Tuesday.

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By kris 14 10/25/2005

My son and I split an adult meal. Child-friendly menus seem unhealthy to me and also restaurants serve way too much food for one person.

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By Karen - PA (Guest Post) 10/25/2005

Kids eat free at Pizza Hut on Tuesday with the purchase by the adult.

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By donnmagan (Guest Post) 10/27/2005

The national chain of "Ponderosa" restaurants offers freemeals to children under 12 on Tuesdays.

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 02/01/2006

Just an FYI about Rainforest Cafe....they have something y ou can join....the Safari Club, I believe....I think it costs $15 but that is a one time fee if you atleast use the card once/yr....you get a coupon for $10 in the mail with your perm club card which looks like a credit card. You show it when you pay your bill and you get 10% off the bill or off merchandise you might buy in their gift shop....or you can get a free appetizer of the day. Rainforest is a real cool place to take children....we've gone quite a few times but I think it is very high priced for what you get....you're paying for the atmosphere....still we end up going a couple times a year because the kids enjoy it. There is one at both Disneyland and Disney World. We have one at a big mall near us that also has a Build a Bear Workshop. We'll go and do both places and man you don't want to know what we spend!

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By Michael Carter 2 91 03/26/2006

I've collected a list of restaurants in the Kansas City Area, but have recently decided to collect other websites that offer kids eat free listings and put them on http://www.kidseatfree.info

You can find them listed under the "Kids Eat Free / Kids Eat Cheap in the USA" heading. No registration is required to browse these listings.

Note: Since I'm really focused on Kansas City restaurants, check the Daily Listings for national chains that may not be listed in the USA group. (Like Denny's and Perkins).

I hope you find it useful. :)

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By Lela. (Guest Post) 04/01/2006

I don't understand. Why are you purchasing meals that children won't eat?

Share some of the food from your plate. No waste!

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 08/31/2006

I think kid's eat free at Denny's on Tues's and at Joe's Crab Shack, every Tues, kid's eat for .99....of course, this means something off the kid's menu.

evan's mama, don't know if you will check back on this thread but read my post about Rainforest Cafe. I do agree, it's high priced and you are paying for that atmosphere too. It is definitely not a place we frequent even tho the kids would love to!

We've taken our kids to Old Country Buffet and that works well....for one thing, there is no wait and I can fill their plates with the things I know they like....for example lots of macaroni and cheese. I don't think for our family of 4 we spend more than $20 and that's including drinks and desserts....and everything is as much as you want!

I agree that a child and adult sharing a meal is a good idea and also two children can share a meal. We often do that at one local resaturant where soup comes with everything. We order a grilled cheese and fries meal and my son eats that....it comes with a bowl of soup and my daughter takes that and rolls. Hubby & me ea get what we want and ours comes with dessert which we ea give to the children. Works out well and sometimes we have a $5 off coupon.

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By azkidseatfree.com (Guest Post) 12/26/2007

See Azkidseatfree.com for Arizona restaurants that offers a kids eat free program or cheap kids meals. These may be applicable at chain restaurants in your state. Also find discount coupon codes and other freebie information.

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By azkidseatfreedotcom 1 12/26/2007

Visit http://azkidseatfree.com for valuable information on restaurants where kids eat free in Arizona. Many chains may offer these same deals in your state.

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By Dana (Guest Post) 02/27/2008

Another great resource for restaurants that have Kids Eat Free and Kids Meal Deals is <a href=http://www.kidsmealdeals.com

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By mike barnes (Guest Post) 04/14/2008

try www.freekidsmeals.com

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By Deb from El Paso, IL (Guest Post) 04/18/2008

here is a list that I have ....
Alexander's -Kids eat free
Famous Dave's Kids eat for $1
Flat Top Grill Kids eat free
IHOP Kids eat free
Old Chicago Kids eat free

Alexander's Kids eat free
Bennigan's Kids eat free
Carlos O Kelly's Kids eat free
Denny's Kids eat free
Famous Dave's Kids eat free
Fazoli's 99 cent kid's meals
Lone Star Kids eat free
Wings Etc. . . Kids eat free

IHOP Kids eat free
Buffalo Wild Wings's - 99 cent kid's meals

Buffalo Wild Wings's 99 cent kid's meals
Schlotzky's Kids eat free

Denny's Kids eat free (after4 p.m.)
Lone Star Kids eat free from 11-4
Quiznos - $.99 kid's meals w/ the purchase of a full price adult combo

Alexander's $1.50 kids meals
Chevy's Kids eat free  1 child per adult
La Siesta Kids meal free with purchase of entrée
Q'Doba Kids eat free
Fiesta Ranchera Kids eat free
Olive Branch  Kids eat fee
Quiznos - $.99 kid's meals w/ the purchase of a full price adult combo
Carlos O Kelly's - Kids eat free
Redfire Grille- Kids eat free with purchase of adult meal

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By parmdc6280 (Guest Post) 09/05/2008

You might check to see if your area has a "Kids Directory". In our area they have this book that comes out once a month and it's great! It tells what restaurants have free/discounted kids meals on what days of the week, along with tons of ads and some coupons or other discounts. If you google 'kids directory' and the name of your area, you should get some results if it's available there.

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By Kids Eat Free (Guest Post) 02/06/2009

Here is a great list of Kids Eat Free promotions at restaurants. It is sorted by day of the week and users are confirming locations - which is really great!


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